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Investigation update on murder and burglary in Kwai Chung

     Police continue to investigate a murder and burglary case happened in Kwai Chung on March 14, in which a 63-year-old woman died. A male suspect who was believed to have fled to Japan, has recently been confirmed dead.

     On March 14, Police received a report from an informant that his 63-year-old cohabiting girlfriend was found dead in a living room of a unit on 15 Kwai Yi Road.

     The Regional Crime Unit of New Territories South took over the case. On that night, Police quickly identified a local male suspect who lived in a neighbouring unit on the same floor as the deceased. The suspect had left for Japan from the Hong Kong International Airport on the same day at around 5pm, before the case was reported to Police.

     Further investigation revealed that the unit had been ransacked and the deceased sustained a fatal head injury suspectedly caused by a hard object. A crowbar stained with the deceased’s blood was seized at the scene, believed to be the murder weapon. Police also seized a pair of sneakers stained with the deceased’s blood in the male suspect’s room.

     Upon checking, five diamond rings, a mobile phone, a watch, five bank cards and a small amount of cash were found missing in the unit, which worth about $130,000 in total.

     Investigation revealed that the male suspect was suspected to have committed the offence alone. He entered the deceased’s unit by stealing her backup key, but was later caught in red-handed by the deceased. The male suspect was believed to have killed the deceased with a crowbar and fled after changing his clothes in his unit.
     Police have been actively investigating the case and seeking assistance from Japan’s law enforcement agency in locating the suspect over the past month.
     Police received a notification from Japan’s law enforcement agency on April 6 that a male body suspected to be the suspect was found in the suburbs of Yamanashi Prefecture at noon. A suicide note was found at the scene regarding the thought of committing suicide to avoid punishment.

     Japan’s law enforcement agency has recently confirmed the identity of the deceased and handed over the body to his family. Police have been following up on the developments and investigation is still underway.

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