Water Supplies Department and Water Authority of Shenzhen Municipality to set up Joint Working Group on Water Development (with photos)

     The Director of Water Supplies, Mr Tony Yau, today (March 14) led a delegation to visit Shenzhen and met with the Director-General of Water Authority of Shenzhen Municipality, Mr Hu Jiadong, and relevant officials to share experiences in different areas of water works.
     The Director of Water Supplies met the Director-General of Water Authority of Shenzhen Municipality in Shenzhen this morning to exchange views on various aspects including smart water management, diversification of water resources development and water quality safety management. Both sides also explored at the meeting the concurrent development and co-operation initiatives between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Moreover, it was agreed that a Joint Working Group on Water Development is to be established, and the working group will meet on a regular basis to explore the development and application of water management in the two places in a bid to enhance collaboration of water resources management and development.
     Mr Yau said that as Dongjiang water is a water resource shared by Hong Kong and Shenzhen, both sides have been maintaining close communication in the areas of water supply work. The meeting today enables the sharing of experiences in water resources management between the two places. Mr Yau said he hoped that the Joint Working Group would further strengthen the outcomes of today's meeting, thereby fostering continual optimisation of water efficiency of the two places in the long run.
     After the meeting, the delegation of the Water Supplies Department was accompanied by Mr Hu to visit the Operation Management Center of the Shenzhen Water and Environment Group Company Limited, where they learnt about the leakage control operation of the water distribution network as well as the water quality monitoring. The delegation then toured the Wande Garden to understand the effect of relevant modified facilities, including water tanks, water pumps, etc, after undergoing improvement works in respective inside services.

Ends/Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Issued at HKT 19:20