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New balloting mechanism for vacant test slots in Repeater Early Test Appointment Booking Service
     The Transport Department (TD) said today (March 14) that a computer ballot will be introduced from March 28 to replace the current "first-come-first-served" arrangement for allocation of the vacant test slots in the Repeater Early Test Appointment Booking Services (RETAS) with an aim to combat profiteering activities by intermediaries or agents making use of the repeater early test slots.

     Currently, a repeater may consider applying for an end-of-list driving test appointment, or a repeater early test appointment for the failed part(s). The availability of repeater early test appointments is subject to the vacant test slots released by candidates subsequent to their application of test postponement or temporary cancellation, which is very limited in number. Given the limited supply, candidates should consider applying for an end-of-list appointment or a repeater early rest appointment in accordance with their individual need. 

     Under the new balloting mechanism, eligible repeaters applying for an early test appointment must register via the online booking system for RETAS (www.gov.hk/drivingtest) or the Interactive Voice Response System Telephone Hotline 2866 8148 for participating in the balloting. Repeaters can opt for a single balloting or continuous balloting in two consecutive weeks. For continuous balloting, repeaters will be included in the ballot pool for each balloting for two weeks counting from the next working day after the registration date. Repeaters who have won a ballot will receive a notification via SMS or email, and they are required to complete the selection of a test slot and settle the payment of test form fee by a specified deadline to confirm the test slot. Repeaters who are not successful in any balloting within the balloting period may register again as necessary. An introduction of the workflow of the balloting mechanism is in the Annex.

     Detailed application guidelines will be available on the TD's website (www.td.gov.hk) to tie in with the launching of the new balloting system on March 28.

     Given that there may be a large number of repeaters making registration when the new balloting mechanism is launched, the first round of registration period of balloting will be from March 28 to 30. The first balloting will be held on March 31. As eligible repeaters will have sufficient time to register for the balloting, the TD appeals to candidates that there is no need to rush to register on the first day of the registration period.

     In addition, to cater for the significant demand for road tests, the TD will arrange additional test slots for repeaters on Saturdays. The special arrangement will last for about six months and will be reviewed in due course.
Ends/Tuesday, March 14, 2023
Issued at HKT 16:00
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