AMS completes COVID-19 anti-epidemic duties (with photos/video)

     ‚ÄčThe Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) announced today (March 1) that the Headquarters Control Room, which was activated in view of the epidemic, ceased operation today. The AMS also held a lights-off ceremony in the Headquarters Control Room today, signifying the completion of its COVID-19 anti-epidemic duties. The Commissioner of the AMS, Dr Ronald Lam; the Chief Staff Officer, Mr Wong Ying-keung; volunteer members and staff members joined and witnessed this ceremony.

     Since January 23, 2020, the AMS has been deploying its members to take part in different kinds of round-the-clock anti-epidemic duties. In view of the receding epidemic and gradual resumption of normalcy in society, the historic mission of combating the epidemic has also come to an end.

     Dr Lam said in his speech that the AMS shouldered the responsibility to protect public health by playing a pivotal role in carrying out anti-epidemic work and supporting the Department of Health, the Hospital Authority and various government departments. During the past three years, members of the AMS had been participating in different kinds of round-the-clock anti-epidemic duties, such as escorting persons under quarantine, carrying out evacuation operations in residential homes and taking part in the handling work involving corpses in public mortuaries during the fifth wave of the epidemic. Dr Lam thanked the members for their selfless devotion, efforts and time during the epidemic, as well as bravery in standing at the anti-epidemic front line.

     At the ceremony, Mr Wong stated that the AMS deployed 1 500 volunteer members who participated in 140 000 shifts of duty, reaching a total of 1.3 million service hours, during the past three years. The accumulated number of close contacts and residents of residential homes escorted by the AMS had reached 100 000. Apart from escort duties, the AMS supported the operation of medical centres in 23 quarantine and isolation facilities, and assisted in law enforcement work for the first time. Mr Wong expressed gratitude to the concerted effort and dedicated service of all members so that the new challenges posed by the epidemic could be overcome.

     As the final part of the ceremony, Dr Lam and Mr Wong switched off the display monitor in the Headquarters Control Room, marking the completion of the anti-epidemic work.

Ends/Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Issued at HKT 19:00