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Government announces appointments to Advisory Committee on Chinese Medicine Development Fund
     The Government announced today (February 28) the re-appointment of Mr Douglas So Cheung-tak as the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Chinese Medicine Development Fund, as well as the appointment of 11 new members and the re-appointment of 14 incumbent members to the Committee.
     The aforementioned appointments will take effect from March 1, 2023, for a term of two years.
     Since the launch of the Chinese Medicine Development Fund (CMDF) in 2019, over 10 funding schemes have been launched in phases to support areas such as talent nurturing, improvement of clinic facilities, enhancement of proprietary Chinese medicine (pCm) manufacturing quality and management system, pCm registration, promotion of Chinese medicine (CM), applied studies and research, thereby benefitting practitioners and organisations of different segments in the CM sector. The Committee has been offering the Government professional and valuable advice on matters relating to the scope, implementation, promotion and vetting of applications of these funding schemes. As at the end of 2022, over 5 600 funding applications have been approved.
     The Secretary for Health, Professor Lo Chung-mau, said, "The CMDF is an important policy initiative for promoting the development of CM on all fronts, and has accomplished notable achievements since its launch. The Financial Secretary announced in the 2023-24 Budget the additional injection of $500 million into the CMDF to support the commissioning of large-scale training, research and publicity projects on strategic themes and to take forward more capacity building programmes for the sector, with a view to making preparations for the commissioning of Hong Kong's first Chinese Medicine Hospital, further strengthening the role of CM in the primary healthcare system, supporting CM industry development and stepping up the application of information technology by the CM sector, etc.
     "Meanwhile, we will further enhance the implementation of the CMDF, including streamlining the approval process, enhancing the funding schemes and expanding the target beneficiaries, with a view to providing more effective and appropriate support to the CM sector and enabling the CMDF to play a more strategic role in achieving the objective of promoting the long-term development of CM."
     Professor Lo thanked the Chairman and members of the Committee for their invaluable contributions over the past two years, and hoped that the Committee could continue to offer views and recommendations on the overall administration and operation of the CMDF, thereby fostering the development of CM in Hong Kong. 
     The membership of the Committee, to be effective from March 1, 2023, is as follows:

*Mr Douglas So Cheung-tak

Non-official Members
#Mr Au Ho-ting
*Professor Bian Zhaoxiang
*Dr Chan Kei-wai
*Mr Chan Wing-suen
#Mr William Chung Wai-lim
*Professor Feng Yibin
#Mr Herbert Hui Leung-wah
#Mr Lam Kar-yeung
*Ms Lam Pui-yan
*Ms Serena Lau Sze-wan
*Mr Henry Lee Kai-ping
#Miss Anita Lee Yan-kwan
#Mr Li Hin-yeung
#Mr Ling Kwan-yee
*Dr Liong Ching
*Mr Gerry Ma Kwai-yung
*Dr Or Ka-hang
#Dr So Tsz-him
*Miss Suen Wai-lam
#Dr Timothy Tam Tin-lok
#Mr Sky Tang Man-chun
#Ms Vivian Tang Wai-man
*Ms Wang Huimin
*Mr Wong Ka-on
*Professor Justin Wu Che-yuen

Ex-officio Members
Representative(s) from the Health Bureau
Representative(s) from the Department of Health
Representative(s) from the Hospital Authority
Representative(s) from the Innovation and Technology Commission 
# New appointments
* Re-appointments 
Ends/Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Issued at HKT 17:00
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