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Government announces appointments to Chinese Medicine Development Committee
     The Government announced today (January 31) the appointments of two new members and re-appointments of 20 incumbent members to the Chinese Medicine Development Committee (CMDC), as well as appointments to the Chinese Medicine Practice Subcommittee (CMPSC) and the Chinese Medicines Industry Subcommittee (CMISC) under the CMDC. Professor Chan Wing-kwong and Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang are re-appointed as the Chairmen of the CMPSC and the CMISC respectively.
      The aforementioned appointments will take effect from February 1, 2023, for a term of two years.
      Chaired by the Secretary for Health, the CMDC gives recommendations to the Government concerning the direction and long-term strategy of the future development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong with regard to four key areas, namely the development of Chinese medicine services, personnel training and professional development, scientific research and development, and development of the Chinese medicines industry (including Chinese medicines testing). Since its establishment in 2013, the CMDC has been providing valuable advice to the Government on various important issues including the establishment of Hong Kong's first Chinese Medicine Hospital, the development of integrated Chinese-Western medicine services, the implementation of the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards Project and the setting up of the Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute. Separately, the CMPSC and the CMISC under the CMDC focus deliberation on various areas respectively.
      The Secretary for Health, Professor Lo Chung-mau said, "I would like to express my gratitude to the outgoing members of the CMDC and its subcommittees, for their invaluable advice and contributions to the development of Chinese medicine during their tenure. I also look forward to working closely with the members of the new term, having in-depth discussions on various issues, with a view to formulating the long-term Chinese medicine development blueprint in concerted efforts."
     The membership of the CMDC and the two subcommittees to be effective from February 1, 2023, are as follows:


Secretary for Health

Non-official Members
* Professor Chan Wing-kwong
* Professor Chen Hubiao
* Professor Vincent Chung Chi-ho
* Professor Feng Yi-bin
* Ms Ada Ho Ching-ying
* Mrs Jeanie Hu Leung Tze-wai
* Dr Hui So-fong
* Ms Lam Pui-yan
* Professor Lee Chack-fan
* Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang
# Professor Lin Zhixiu
# Ms Irene Lui Kam-oi
* Dr Lui Sing-leung
* Professor Lyu Aiping
* Dr Or Ka-hang
* Ms Tang Mui-fun
* Mr Ting Wing-fai
* Dr Tse Man-li
* Ms Wang Huimin
* Ms Alice Wong Suet-ying
* Ms Wong Yu-yeuk
* Mr Timothy Yung Tsz-ho

Ex-officio Members
Permanent Secretary for Health
Commissioner for Innovation and Technology (or representative)
Director of Health (or representative)
Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority (or representative)


* Professor Chan Wing-kwong

Non-official Members
* Mr Dennis Au Cheuk-wing
* Mr Chan Kam-wa
* Mr Cheung Yi-chung
* Mr William Cheung Yu-ho
* Dr Kevin Chu Ka-wing
* Dr Ho Wing-tim
* Dr Janice Ho Yuen-shan
* Mr Lam Chun-pong
# Ms Lam Wai-king
* Mr Henry Lee Kai-ping
* Dr Peggy Lee Siu-pik
* Professor Li Min
* Ms Lin Wing-han
* Ms Alma Ling
* Mr Ling Kwan-yee
* Dr Liong Ching
* Mr Eddie Lo Ting-yu
* Dr Wong Chung-leung
* Ms Wong Hung-ngan
# Dr Miranda Wong Tsz-yan
# Professor Justin Wu Che-yuen

Ex-officio Members
Representative(s) from the Health Bureau
Representative(s) from the Department of Health
Representative(s) from the Hospital Authority

* Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang

Non-official Members
* Dr Dawn Au Ching-tung
* Ms Michelle Au Yeung Fung-ying
* Dr Chan Kei-wai
* Mr Cheung Chun-hoi
# Dr Ricky Ho Chi-ming
* Mr Kwok Tsz-ming
* Mr Lam Wing-ho
* Ms Li Handong
* Ms Winnie Ng Wing-mui
* Professor Shen Jiangang
* Miss Suen Wai-lam
* Mr Tam Kwok-leung
* Mr Wong Ka-on
* Mr Nicholas Wong Lup-hoi
* Ms Wong Sau-wan
* Mr Edward William Yau Fook-wing
* Mr Harry Yeung Kwok-chun
* Mr Mason Yip Yue-keung
* Dr Zhang Qingling

Ex-officio Members
Representative(s) from the Health Bureau
Representative(s) from the Department of Health
Representative(s) from the Innovation and Technology Commission
# New appointments
* Re-appointments
Ends/Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Issued at HKT 19:14
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