Government actively prepares for Daya Bay Contingency Plan exercise

     A Security Bureau (SB) spokesperson said today (January 4) that the Government is actively preparing a large-scale interdepartmental exercise based on the Daya Bay Contingency Plan (DBCP), which will be held on January 12 to test and enhance the Government personnel's nuclear emergency preparedness and their knowledge of dealing with nuclear power station emergencies that may affect Hong Kong. The Government also strives to enhance the understanding among the public of the DBCP and strengthen public education and publicity about nuclear emergency preparedness and nuclear safety.
     The spokesperson pointed out that the DBCP is a plan of nuclear emergency response in Hong Kong. In addition to internal drills conducted by relevant departments from time to time, the Government has been holding large-scale interdepartmental exercises every three to five years. Such an exercise was last held successfully in 2017.
     Codenamed "Checkerboard III", the exercise comprises two parts, namely a command post drill and a field operation drill with the activation of a high-level emergency response structure. The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, will chair the Chief Executive's Steering Group while the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, will lead the Implementation Task Force to command the actions taken by the relevant bureaux and departments in response to a simulated nuclear accident and related incidents. Frontline departments will simulate a precautionary evacuation and set up a monitoring centre for radiation screening of evacuees as well as monitoring of food radiation, and more, to test the capability and efficiency of the departments in implementing radiation precautionary measures.  
     Over 1 400 personnel from 37 bureaux, departments and organisations involved in the DBCP will participate in "Checkerboard III". To enhance the professionalism of the exercise and strengthen interaction, the SB will invite Mainland, overseas and local experts as well as members of the Legislative Council Panel on Security to observe the exercise and provide suggestions to the Government.
     Besides ensuring the nuclear emergency preparedness of relevant personnel, the Government is also committed to enhancing the understanding of the DBCP and nuclear safety among the public. The SB has therefore updated the DBCP website ( for the public to learn about the preparation and contingency plans the Government has made for a nuclear incident, as well as nuclear safety and radiation protection. To encourage the public to visit the updated website and increase their understanding of nuclear safety and emergency preparedness, the SB is launching a quiz game today on two social media platforms, namely Facebook and Instagram. Participants who answer the questions correctly may win souvenirs designed by the SB for this year's exercise. Information about nuclear emergency was also added to the SB mobile application "Safeguard HK".
     In addition, the SB has all along been promoting messages of nuclear emergency preparedness and nuclear safety by various means to the public, including holding nuclear safety talks for physics and science teachers in secondary schools and a nuclear power forum in the City University of Hong Kong, as well as participating in the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) open day to promote nuclear safety. Site visits to the CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre of the City University of Hong Kong were also arranged for members of uniformed youth groups. Moreover, various government departments also participated in the publicity about radiation knowledge, including conducting HKO Gamma-Go Workshops for senior secondary students and featuring nuclear emergency preparedness in fire safety talks organised by the Fire Services Department.
     The Government will assess the outcome of the exercise and consider the comments and recommendations received from participants and observers to further improve the DBCP as necessary.

Ends/Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Issued at HKT 20:14