Stay away from drugs even when you travel (with photo)

     The Narcotics Division (ND) of the Security Bureau reminds the public to stay away from drugs at all times, even when travelling outside Hong Kong during the festive season.

     A spokesman for the ND said, "Travellers may come across drugs during their trips, especially cannabis, of which some jurisdictions have relaxed their control. Drugs, including cannabis, may be offered in the form of food and drinks, or even as health supplements and skincare products such as facial masks and massage oils. Products that are marked with the words 'CBD', 'THC', 'cannabis', 'cannabinoids', 'ganja', 'hemp extracts', 'marijuana' or with a picture of a cannabis leaf may contain substances that are illegal in Hong Kong or prohibited at the transit airports. When in doubt, travellers should not take the risk of consuming these products or bring them back to Hong Kong." 

     The spokesman added, "With the legislative procedures completed, cannabidiol, which is known as CBD, will be controlled as a dangerous drug in Hong Kong starting from February 1, 2023. Products containing CBD will be prohibited by then. The public should stay vigilant and exercise care during their purchases. We encourage the public to arrange early disposal of any CBD products in their possession to avoid contraventions of the new law. To facilitate the voluntary disposal of CBD products by members of the public, the Government has arranged disposal boxes at 10 government premises till January 30, 2023. More details on CBD, including examples of CBD products and the disposal arrangements, can be found on the ND's dedicated webpage ("

     Hong Kong Customs will continue to safeguard against the carrying of dangerous drugs into Hong Kong by individual travellers at the boundary control points. Drug trafficking is a serious offence. The maximum penalty upon conviction is a fine of $5 million and life imprisonment. A spokesman for the Hong Kong Customs said, "Do not accept any offer to bring unknown luggage to Hong Kong. Know what is in your luggage before coming back, and do not attempt to bring any drugs as it is a serious offence regardless of your age."

     The Chairman of the Action Committee Against Narcotics, Dr Donald Li, said, "While gradual resumption of normal travel is welcome by everyone, don't let holiday mood bring you lifelong regrets. Trying something new during travel does not mean you have to try drugs. Don't let drugs get into your life. On cannabis, it will lead to addiction and addiction does not end with your holiday. Travellers may be attracted by the novelty of products that contain cannabis or other drugs but they should not purchase them as gifts for friends. Not only are they illegal in Hong Kong, they are also bad for health."

     The website of the ND ( contains detailed information about drugs. To seek information or assistance from social workers, members of the public can also make use of instant messaging applications "WhatsApp" and "WeChat" by sending messages to 98 186 186, or call the 24-hour hotline 186 186.

Ends/Monday, December 19, 2022
Issued at HKT 15:30