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Draft Sham Wat and San Shek Wan Outline Zoning Plan approved
     ​The Chief Executive in Council has approved the draft Sham Wat and San Shek Wan Outline Zoning Plan (OZP).
     "The approved OZP provides a statutory land use planning framework to guide the development and redevelopment within the Sham Wat and San Shek Wan area," a spokesman for the Town Planning Board said today (December 16).
     The planning scheme area, including two small pieces of land to the west of San Chau along the coastline, covers a total area of about 179.59 hectares. It is located on the north-western part of Lantau Island, fronting the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road. The area consists of hilly terrain along foothills of Nei Lak Shan to the east and Cheung Shan to the southwest. It is embraced by the Lantau North and Lantau North (Extension) Country Parks to its south and the sea bay to the north. Only Sham Wat is accessible by vehicles via Sham Wat Road leading from Keung Shan Road, South Lantau Road and Tung Chung Road, while most parts of the area are accessible only by footpaths.
     The general planning intention for the area is to conserve its landscape and ecological value in safeguarding the natural habitat and rural character of the area, to preserve historical artefacts, local culture and traditions of the villages and to make provision for future Small House development for the indigenous villagers of Sham Wat and Shan Shek Wan. Due consideration should be given to the conservation of ecologically and environmentally sensitive areas when development in or near the area is proposed. Small House development in recognised villages will be consolidated at suitable locations to avoid sprawl and to preserve the rural character of the area. In designation of various zones in the area, consideration has been given to protect the natural habitats in the area such as the woodland areas which form a continuous stretch of well-established vegetation with those located in the adjoining Lantau North and Lantau North (Extension) Country Parks and natural streams.
     About 0.62 hectares are zoned "Village Type Development". This zone is intended to designate both existing recognised villages and areas of land considered suitable for village expansion. This zone covers the two recognised villages, namely Sham Wat and Shan Shek Wan.
     About 0.08 hectares are zoned "Government, Institution or Community". This zone is intended primarily for the provision of government, institution or community (GIC) facilities serving the needs of the local residents and/or a wider district, region or the territory. The zone covers existing GIC uses, including a public toilet located near Sham Shek Tsuen and the water break pressure tank and staff quarters of the Water Supplies Department adjacent to Sham Wat Road to the south of Sham Wat. Two pieces of land in this zone are reserved for planned refuse collection points.
     About 0.03 hectares are zoned "Other Specified Uses" annotated "Pier" to designate land for a pier and a jetty to facilitate marine access to the area. The zone mainly covers a pier in San Shek Wan and a jetty in Sham Wat.
     About 4.17 hectares are zoned "Agriculture". This zone is intended primarily to retain and safeguard good quality agricultural land/farms/fish ponds for agricultural purposes. It is also intended to retain fallow arable land with good potential for rehabilitation for cultivation and other agricultural purposes. This zone mainly covers the active farmlands to the west of the downstream area of the Ngong Sham Stream in Sham Wat and the contiguous pieces of agricultural land adjoining the village clusters in San Shek Wan.
     About 142.16 hectares are zoned "Green Belt". This zone is intended to define the limits of development areas by natural features and to preserve the existing natural landscape as well as to provide passive recreational outlets. The zone mainly covers the woodlands, shrublands and grasslands, vegetated slopes and knolls, streams, wetlands, abandoned farmland and some temporary structures in the area. The zone also covers two permitted burial grounds located to the northeast of San Shek Wan and to the west of Sham Wat Tsuen, which are intended for burial places of deceased indigenous villagers in the area.
     About 19.85 hectares are zoned "Conservation Area". This zone is intended to protect and retain the existing natural landscape, ecological or topographical features of the area. This zone covers the Ecologically Important Stream portion of Ngong Sham Stream and its riparian area to avoid encroachment by development and adverse impact on the stream. The woodland area to the east of the upstream section of Ngong Sham Stream is also included in this zone to preserve the intact natural habitat of the stream.
     About 5.24 hectares are zoned "Coastal Protection Area". This zone is intended to conserve, protect and retain the natural coastlines and the sensitive coastal natural environment with a minimum of built development. The zone covers the natural coastlines along the northern peripheries of the area, which comprise coastal features including shorelines, flat rock, cliffs, marshes, mangroves, mudflats and seagrass beds.
     About 6.52 hectares are zoned "Site of Special Scientific Interest". This zone is intended to conserve and protect the features of special scientific interest such as rare or particular species of fauna and flora and their habitats, corals, woodlands, marshes or areas of geological, ecological or botanical/biological interest which are designated as Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). This zone covers part of the designated San Chau SSSI, while the rest is covered by the Lantau North Country Park. The San Chau SSSI harbours the largest known population of Rhododendron championiae in Hong Kong, a species considered as one of the rarest native rhododendrons in Hong Kong.
     The approved Sham Wat and San Shek Wan OZP No. S/I-SW/2 is available for public inspection during office hours at (i) the Secretariat of the Town Planning Board, (ii) the Planning Enquiry Counters, (iii) the Sai Kung and Islands District Planning Office, (iv) the Islands District Office and its sub-offices in Mui Wo and Tung Chung and (v) the Tai O Rural Committee.
     Copies of the approved OZP are available for sale at the Map Publications Centres in North Point and Yau Ma Tei. The electronic version of the OZP can be viewed at the Town Planning Board’s website (www.info.gov.hk/tpb).
Ends/Friday, December 16, 2022
Issued at HKT 16:00
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