Government conducts enforcement action on compulsory testing notice at building in Kwun Tong

     The Housing Department, together with the Kwun Tong Police District and the Department of Health, conducted an enforcement operation today (December 8) at a building in Kwun Tong, which was included in a compulsory testing notice earlier. The operation commenced at around 8.30am and ended at around 11.30am today.

     Starting from around 8.30am today, staff arranged by the Government stationed at the entrances/exits of Kin On House, Wo Lok Estate, to verify the testing certifications of persons subject to compulsory testing so as to confirm whether they had undergone testing in compliance with the requirement of the compulsory testing notice. Persons subject to compulsory testing had to present the SMS notification containing the results of COVID-19 tests or relevant proof, to prove that they had followed the requirement pursuant to the compulsory testing notice and completed the test within the specified period.

     During the operation, 91 persons were checked. Among them, four persons were found to have failed to comply with the compulsory testing notice. They were subsequently issued compulsory testing orders, requiring them to undergo testing within a specified period.

     The Government expresses gratitude to most persons subject to compulsory testing who complied with the compulsory testing notices for their co-operation to fight the virus together. A Government spokesman reminded that any person who fails to comply with the compulsory testing notice commits an offence and may be fined a fixed penalty of $10,000. The Government will also issue the person concerned a compulsory testing order requiring him or her to undergo testing within a specified time frame. Failure to comply with the compulsory testing order is an offence, and the offender would be liable to a fine at level 5 ($50,000) and an imprisonment for six months. The spokesman reiterated that the Government will continue to enforce the law strictly.

     Also, the Government understands that the enforcement process may cause inconvenience to some residents, and appeals for understanding. Gratitude is also extended to members of the public and relevant organisations for their support and co-operation.

Ends/Thursday, December 8, 2022
Issued at HKT 12:25