Government announces appointments to Board of Directors of Hong Kong Genome Institute

     The Government announced the appointments to the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Genome Institute (HKGI) today (November 30).
     The Secretary for Health has re-appointed Mr Philip Tsai Wing-chung and Professor Raymond Liang Hin-suen as the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson of the HKGI respectively with their tenure ending on July 26, 2024.
     Separately, a total of 11 non-official Directors have also been re-appointed, while Mr Stephen Wong Kai-yi and Professor Wong Yung-hou have been newly appointed as non-official Directors. The tenure of all non-official Directors will end on November 4, 2024.
     The HKGI is a private company limited by guarantee and wholly owned by the Government to promote the local clinical application and long-term development of genomic medicine, with the implementation of the Hong Kong Genome Project (HKGP) as the HKGI's first key initiative. The HKGP is the first large-scale genome sequencing project in Hong Kong and recruits patients to participate in the project on a voluntary basis with informed consent at partnering centres. The pilot phase of the HKGP, covering cases of undiagnosed disorders and hereditary cancers, was launched in July 2021. The HKGP has now entered its main phase, with the scope extended to cases related to genomics and precision health. The sequencing analysis results allow patients to benefit from more precise diagnosis and appropriate treatment, and help promote research and development of genomic medicine in Hong Kong.
     The Secretary for Health, Professor Lo Chung-mau, said, "Mr Tsai and Professor Liang have jointly set a clear direction for the HKGI to take forward the HKGP. We are confident that, under the continued leadership of Mr Tsai and Professor Liang, the HKGP will come to fruition."
     Professor Lo also expressed gratitude to the retired members, namely Professor Nancy Ip Yuk-yu and Dr Derrick Au Kit-sing, for their strong support and invaluable contributions to the HKGI during their tenure.
     The full membership of the Board of Directors of the HKGI at present is as follows:

Chairperson:              Mr Philip Tsai Wing-chung
Deputy Chairperson:   Professor Raymond Liang Hin-suen
Non-official Directors: Professor Chan Wai-yee
                                 Mr Ray Chan
                                 Ms Ivy Cheung Wing-han
                                 Dr Chung Kin-lai
                                 Professor Wallace Lau Chak-sing
                                 Dr Shawn Leung Shui-on
                                 Dr Isabella Liu
                                 Professor Dennis Lo Yuk-ming
                                 Professor Alfonso Ngan Hing-wan
                                 Mr Tim Pang Hung-cheong
                                 Mr Stephen Wong Kai-yi
                                 Professor Wong Yung-hou
                                 Professor Yiu Siu-ming
                                 Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Genome Institute
                                 (Dr Lo Su-vui)
Official Directors:        Under Secretary for Health
                                 (Dr Libby Lee Ha-yun)
                                 Deputy Secretary for Health
                                 (Mr Kevin Choi)
                                 Deputy Director of Health
                                 (Dr Teresa Li Mun-pik)

Ends/Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Issued at HKT 16:00