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CE's Office responds to media enquiries
     In response to media enquiries regarding the Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, who has tested positive for COVID-19 through a polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid (PCR) test upon arrival to Hong Kong after returning from Bangkok, Thailand and is undergoing isolation, a spokesperson for the Chief Executive's Office made the following reply today (November 21):
     Mr Lee expressed his gratitude to all sectors of the community for their care about him. He had a mild fever and sore throat this afternoon. Overall, he felt fine albeit a bit tired. He has been prescribed oral drugs.
     Mr Lee has received four doses of the Sinovac vaccine. He received the fourth dose of vaccine in September this year.
     During isolation, Mr Lee will work from home and attend meetings by videoconferencing as needed. No acting appointment will be made. For public functions originally to be attended by Mr Lee in person, other officials will attend these functions on his behalf or appropriate arrangements will be made.
     The Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health (CHP) has made its assessment on the eight officials of the Chief Executive's Office who accompanied Mr Lee on his visit to Thailand. Among them, the Director of the Chief Executive's Office, Ms Carol Yip, and the Private Secretary to the Chief Executive, Ms Priscilla To, had attended a meeting with the Chief Executive without wearing a mask for a relatively long period of time, or dined in close proximity to the Chief Executive, and were classified by the CHP as close contacts. They are now undergoing home quarantine in accordance with relevant guidelines. They have tested negative for COVID-19 through PCR tests last night and their rapid antigen test (RAT) results today were negative.
     The remaining six accompanying officials were not classified as close contacts. They are not subject to home quarantine and can return to office for work. They have all tested negative through PCR tests done last night. Their RAT results today were negative. They will comply with the testing requirements for persons arriving at Hong Kong and undergo daily RAT, and receive PCR tests on Day 2 after arrival in Hong Kong.
     The Executive Council will be on recess tomorrow and the media session before the meeting will not be held.
Ends/Monday, November 21, 2022
Issued at HKT 20:22
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