Government implements specific arrangements for inbound tour groups

     The Government announced today (November 18) that the specific arrangements for inbound tour groups will be implemented today with a view to assisting the inbound tour groups received by travel agents and accompanied by licensed tourist guides to resume tourist activities in strict compliance with the anti-epidemic measures.
     Under the specific arrangements, licensed travel agents are required to submit applications to the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC) in advance and undertake strict compliance with applicable anti-epidemic measures, in order to arrange for inbound tour group travellers holding the "Amber Code" to enter specific catering premises to have meals according to the itineraries. Additional anti-epidemic measures mainly include:
  1. register information, such as the itineraries, the licensed tourist guides accompanying the tour groups, and the hotels/guesthouses and catering premises (excluding bars or pubs) receiving them, with the TIC;
  2. require working staff to undergo extra COVID-19 nucleic acid tests before and after receiving the inbound tour groups; and
  3. arrange accommodation for travellers in a licensed hotel/guesthouse on the "List of hotels and guesthouses which accept guests infected with COVID-19 for in-situ isolation".
     Under the registered itineraries, catering premises receiving the inbound tour group travellers are required to submit an undertaking to the TIC through the licensed travel agents, and comply with applicable anti-epidemic measures, including:
  1. arrange private rooms, enclosed venues with full partitions or entire outside seating accommodation for travellers of inbound tour groups, and adopt additional infection control measures, such as thorough disinfection of the rooms/venues after use by travellers for meals before receiving other customers;
  2. working staff accompanying the tour groups, staff members of the catering premises and other customers are not allowed to have meals at the same time in that area;
  3. arrange for all staff members involved in serving the inbound tour group travellers to undergo extra COVID-19 nucleic acid tests;
  4. live performance is not allowed in the same area when having meals; and
  5. co-operate with the TIC and/or the Travel Industry Authority on their inspection in respect of the venue conditions and arrangements for receiving inbound tour groups, etc.
     The TIC will upload the detailed requirements regarding licensed travel agents' submission of applications and registration of itineraries to its website ( in due course.
     In addition, starting tomorrow (November 19), for travellers of tour groups from overseas places or Taiwan arriving in Hong Kong that have submitted applications and registered the itineraries with the TIC as mentioned above, they are only required to undergo one COVID-19 nucleic acid test on the day of arrival if they will only stay in Hong Kong for not more than four days (i.e. the day of arrival is counted as day 0, and departure is on or before the third day following the date of arrival). However, they are still required to undergo daily COVID-19 rapid antigen tests during their visit.

Ends/Friday, November 18, 2022
Issued at HKT 19:03