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Opening remarks by SITI at Hong Kong Symposium - Science for the Future (English only)
     Following are the opening remarks by the Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, Professor Sun Dong, at the Hong Kong Symposium - Science for the Future today (October 23):  

Professor Tsui (Founding President of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, Professor Tsui Lap-chee), Harry (Rotating Chairman of the Council of the Future Forum, Dr Harry Shum), 張院士 (Executive Vice President of the China Association for Science and Technology and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr Zhang Yuzhuo), honourable speakers, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
      Good morning. I am most honoured to join you all today at the "Hong Kong Symposium - Science for the Future". First of all, I would like to thank the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences and the Future Science Awards Foundation for co-organising this Symposium and bringing many of the Future Science Prize laureates and world's most renowned and influential scientists together to share their perspectives on how the future of humanity would be shaped by science and technology.
      The annual Future Science Prize pays tribute to the outstanding scientists in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan for their remarkable scientific breakthroughs and innovations in the areas of "Life Science", "Physical Science" as well as "Mathematics and Computer Science". I am so proud that four distinguished scientists from Hong Kong were awarded the Prize since its inception. The award is not only a recognition of the remarkable achievements of our fellow Hong Kong scientists, but it is also an evidence of Hong Kong's excellent capabilities in scientific research.
      Over the past few years, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has invested an unprecedented amount of resources to promote the I&T (Innovation and Technology) development of Hong Kong, thereby laying a solid foundation for the continuous enhancement of our I&T ecosystem. President Xi's visit to the Hong Kong Science Park in this June demonstrated the importance and acknowledgement our country placed on Hong Kong's I&T development and the expectation of Hong Kong contributing to the country's development in science and technology. 
      Looking ahead, leveraging our country's strong support and our extensive connections with the world, as well as the vast opportunities brought about by the National 14th Five-Year Plan and the Greater Bay Area development, this term of Government is firmly committed to develop Hong Kong into an international I&T centre and will push forward our I&T development along the four major directions. To chart Hong Kong in full steam towards our vision, as announced by the Chief Executive in his Policy Address delivered last Wednesday, we are promulgating the Hong Kong I&T Development Blueprint which is going to clearly set out our major strategies for the I&T development in Hong Kong from the top-level perspective.
      Firstly, we will further enhance the I&T ecosystem of Hong Kong. It is essential to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration among the Government, industry, academic and the research sectors, so that we can strengthen the coordination of the upstream, midstream and downstream developments. Particularly, we have to incentivise the universities to proactively push ahead the midstream technology transfer and to commercialise their outstanding R&D (research and development) outcomes. To this end, we will roll out a new funding scheme namely the "Research, Academic and Industry Sectors One-plus Scheme", "RASIe+ Scheme" in short, in the coming year to provide funding on a matching basis for research teams in universities which have good potential to become I&T start-ups, so as to encourage more collaboration among industry, academic and research sectors to drive the "1 to N" transformation of outstanding R&D results and the tech industry development.
      Second, we will further enlarge our talent pool to create strong impetus for the growth. Talent is the most important element for I&T development. We must nurture, retain and attract talent so as to ensure the I&T development of Hong Kong in a healthy and sustainable manner. We will be working closely with the newly-established Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises to provide special complementary measures in a targeted manner to attract top-notch I&T talents to bring with them their businesses or R&D outcomes to Hong Kong. We will also enhance our existing tech talent schemes and accommodation support thereby improving our competitiveness for outstanding talents.
      Third, we are devoted to develop Hong Kong into a smart city to enable our members of the public to enjoy the convenience and improvements to their daily lives brought by the technological advancement.
      Last but not least, we will actively integrate into the overall national development and consolidate Hong Kong's advantages as an international city. Indeed, integration into the national development is our first and foremost mission. The Greater Bay Area is the best platform for Hong Kong to leverage its strengths to contribute to the country's needs. We will move full steam ahead with the construction of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen I&T Park in the Lok Ma Chau Loop and expedite the development of San Tin Technopole in the Northern Metropolis. We will also study the trial implementation of a cross-boundary policy on I&T co-operation, covering the flows of materials, capital, data and people between Hong Kong and Shenzhen on the basis of "one zone, two parks" and through in-depth co-operation with Shenzhen. Meanwhile, we will give full play to Hong Kong's advantages as an international city and attract I&T enterprises around the globe to the Hong Kong-Shenzhen I&T Park in the Loop, so as to create key impetus to the development of an international I&T centre in the Greater Bay Area.
      Ladies and gentlemen, the recruitment of payload specialists from Hong Kong demonstrates the country's confidence in Hong Kong's level in scientific research and the country's care for the development of Hong Kong's young people. The recruitment period will close on Thursday (October 27) and I appeal to those aspired for aerospace career to grasp this unprecedented chance.
      Albert Einstein once said, "The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking." I am sure that today's discussion is going to be inspiring and bring us more bright ideas and innovation. I wish today's Symposium a great success and a fruitful experience for all of you. Thank you very much.
Ends/Sunday, October 23, 2022
Issued at HKT 11:30
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