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Legislative amendments for introducing fourth phase of Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme submitted to Legislative Council
     The Environment and Ecology Bureau (EEB) submitted the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 1) Order 2022 to the Legislative Council (LegCo) today (October 19) to introduce the fourth phase of the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MEELS), expanding its scope to include gas cookers, gas instantaneous water heaters and light emitting diode lamps.

     "It is estimated that the potential annual energy saving arising from the coverage of the above mentioned three types of products under the fourth phase of the MEELS will be around 568.8 terajoules (i.e. around 160 million kilowatt-hours in terms of electricity), which is equivalent to the reduction of 75 350 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. Together with the existing eight types of prescribed products in the first three phases, the total coverage of energy consumption in the residential sector by the MEELS will substantially increase from about 50 per cent to about 80 per cent. Compared with the first three phases of the MEELS and the two grading standards upgrading exercises, the implementation of the fourth phase of the MEELS would bring an additional energy saving and reduction of carbon emissions by around 17 per cent," an EEB spokesperson said.

     To prepare for the fourth phase of the MEELS, the Government conducted a public consultation in 2021. Task forces comprising representatives from relevant trade associations, the Consumer Council and major importers were established to deliberate on the details of the proposal. The LegCo Panel on Environmental Affairs as well as the Energy Efficiency and Conservation and Renewable Energy Sub-committee under the Energy Advisory Committee were also consulted. Members were, in general, supportive of the proposal.
     Similar to the arrangements of the first to third phase of the MEELS, a 15-month transitional period will be provided for the trade to prepare for the implementation of the fourth phase.
     The Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 1) Order 2022 is subject to the LegCo's approval by the positive vetting procedures. Upon the approval of this amendment order, the Government will table another amendment order, which provides for the specifications of energy labels for the products and other details, for negative vetting by the LegCo.
     The concise and easy-to-understand MEELS helps members of the public practise energy conservation in their consumption behaviour. The Government has implemented the MEELS in phases through the enactment of the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance (Cap. 598) since 2008. Under the Ordinance, energy labels are required to be shown on all prescribed products for supply in Hong Kong to inform consumers of their energy efficiency performance. The MEELS, now in its third phase, regulates a total of eight types of household electrical appliances (namely room air conditioners, refrigerating appliances, compact fluorescent lamps, washing machines (with rated washing capacity not exceeding 10 kilograms), dehumidifiers, televisions, storage type electric water heaters and induction cookers).
Ends/Wednesday, October 19, 2022
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