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Access control at Cape D'Aguilar area for naval mine disposal operation
     Police will implement access control on land, sea and air at Cape D'Aguilar area from noon today (September 8) to facilitate Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau's naval mine disposal operation to be held in the eastern waters of Hong Kong Island tomorrow (September 9) afternoon.
    Police will set up an operation area at Cape D'Aguilar Road and the hiking trails leading to D'Aguilar Peak (see Annex 1) starting from noon on September 8 and will implement pedestrian and vehicular access control until the naval mine disposal operation stood down. Police appeal to members of the public (in particular hikers) not to visit the area during the operation. As Cape D'Aguilar Road is designated as a restricted zone, motor vehicle is prohibited from entering into the restricted zone, except for taxis and vehicles with a valid permit.

       The waters enclosed within the area (waters 0.75km (0.4NM) off east of Ng Fan Chau, extend 2km (1.1NM) towards the east direction, and from Cape D'Aguilar extend 2km (1.1NM) towards the east direction) will be designated as temporary restricted area (see Annex 2) from noon on September 8. All vessels will be prohibited from entering the area until the operation ended.
        The Commissioner of Police, by virtue of the authority under section 19(2) and (8) of the of the Small Unmanned Aircraft Order, Chapter 448G, has designated the vicinity of the operational area (including the airspace above the area), i.e. within a radius of 5km from Cape D'Aguilar as centre, as restricted flying zone (RFZ) (see Annex 3) for the purposes of section 18(1) of the said order, with a view to facilitating police operation. Flying of small unmanned aircraft (SUA) will be restricted. The designation shall come into effect from 9am to 3pm on September 9. Meanwhile, Director-General of Civil Aviation will establish a RFZ of the same area under the authority as stipulated in Section 69 of the Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995, Cap.448C. A minimum height restriction of up to an altitude of 500 meters above the area will be imposed to all classes of aircrafts, other flying activities will also be restricted within the RFZ.
        Members of the public can access to the details of the RFZ from Civil Aviation Department's electronic portal for SUA (https://esua.cad.gov.hk). The Police remind the public that any person who operates a SUA within a RFZ without permission shall be liable on conviction to a fine of $100,000 and to imprisonment for two years.
Ends/Thursday, September 8, 2022
Issued at HKT 13:32
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