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Give blood to save lives during Mid-Autumn Festival holiday (with photo)
The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) today (September 8) appealed to members of the public to share the blessing of reunion by giving blood and registering for bone marrow donations during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. The BTS spokesperson said that blood collection has been unstable due to the changing pandemic situation, and members of the public are urged to donate blood to replenish blood inventories for patients in need of blood transfusions.

     Just before the Mid-Autumn Festival, three sisters of the Leung family have made an appointment for group donation at the Sze Pang Nien Memorial Headquarters Donor Centre in the name of "Leung's Happy Family" to create meaningful festival memories. The 78-year-old Granny Leung used to be a blood donor with O negative blood. Negative blood is a rare blood type in Hong Kong, and the probability of occurrence is about seven in 1,000. Granny Leung recognised the importance of blood donations since she was young, and completed 36 blood donations before she reached the age limit for blood donations. Although suffering from mild dementia, her memories of blood donations are still fresh. Granny Leung keeps reminding her daughters and grandchildren to donate blood regularly. Recently, she accompanied her next generations to the donor centre to show her spiritual support. Inspired by Granny Leung since youth, the daughters have a strong determination to inherit their mother's life-saving mission.

     To thank Granny Leung for the unfailing support throughout the years, the BTS presented a special certificate made with negative blood donor exclusive crystals as commemoration and praise. The little sister, who planned this event with the BTS, said with emotion, "We believe in life influencing life. Our mother inspired us to give blood, and we encourage our husbands and children to do so. I hope this will become our family's tradition, to pass this life-saving mission from one generation to another."

     The Leungs have donated more than 200 units of blood so far. The three sisters hope that this blood donation tradition can inspire more people to support blood donation and encourage their next generations by example. The blood donation story of "Leung's Happy Family" is shared on the BTS Facebook page (fb.watch/fpayW_aHbW).

     As a token of gratitude, as well as to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the blood transfusion service, the BTS has prepared a "Donation is a Blessing" mooncake with a hidden blood donation message for blood donors who come forward to give blood at donor centres, blood donation vehicles or mobile donation spots during September 8 to 12. Please refer to the attached promotional poster for details.

     Anyone aged between 16 and 65 (donation is possible up to the age of 75 if predetermined conditions are met), weighs 41 kilograms or above, and is in good health is eligible to give blood. To prevent crowds from gathering and long waiting times, donors are advised to make appointments by calling the donor centres, via the "HK Blood" mobile app (www5.ha.org.hk/rcbts/mobile-app) or visit the BTS Website (www5.ha.org.hk/rcbts).
Ends/Thursday, September 8, 2022
Issued at HKT 13:40
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The Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) today (September 8) appealed to members of the public to donate blood during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Photo shows the Chief Executive and Medical Director of the BTS, Dr Lee Cheuk-kwong (front row, first left), and blood donors the Leung family. The Leung family has donated more than 200 units of blood so far, and they are eager to influence more families to do so.