Response to media enquiries about quarantine arrangements

     In response to media enquiries on the policy on designated quarantine hotels, a spokesman for the Chief Executive's Office said that the Government's overall anti-epidemic policy is maintained according to the following five points:
(1) Not to "lie flat" and to continue to contain the number of confirmed cases, better manage risks and enhance our capability to respond to contingencies in order to prevent the healthcare system from overloading;
(2) To reduce critical cases and deaths;
(3) To protect high-risk groups, including the elderly, the young and patients with chronic illnesses;
(4) To differentiate people into different risk levels precisely and scientifically for proper control, and to reduce the number of people and areas placed under control so as to allow maximum numbers of daily activities and participants involved; and
(5) To strike a balance between risks and economic impetus, safeguarding the livelihood of the public and Hong Kong's competitiveness on the premise of proper risk management.
     The Government will continue its prevention and control measures taking into account the development of the epidemic and the above-mentioned policy.
     The spokesman pointed out that the current epidemic situation is serious as the number of confirmed cases reaches 8 000 to 10 000 a day and there is a rising trend. This not only threatens the lives of high-risk groups such as the elderly and children, but also seriously affects the operation of the public health system, where some 30 per cent of the non-emergency services has been cut as a result of the epidemic situation, leading to a severe impact. The Government will continue to take precise measures to control the epidemic.
     The spokesman appealed to the community to join hands and encourage the elderly to get vaccinated early. Parents should also arrange for their children's early vaccination to ensure that they are protected. 

Ends/Thursday, September 1, 2022
Issued at HKT 22:12