Recruitment exercise for post of Clerical Assistant starts today

     The Civil Service Bureau (CSB) launched a biennial recruitment exercise for the post of Clerical Assistant (CA) today (August 12) to recruit about 2 000 CAs on civil service terms in two years' time.

     A CSB spokesman said that CAs would be assigned to perform general office support and clerical duties or frontline services in different government bureaux or departments.
     The recruitment is open to all permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region who meet the relevant entry requirements, including the required academic qualifications. Details of the entry requirements for the post have been uploaded to the CSB website ( Applicants can submit applications on-line through the CSB website. The closing date for applications is August 25.

     Candidates have to pass a skills test before being invited to attend the selection interview. The skills test comprises a Chinese and English word processing speed test and a test on the application of common business software. Candidates who applied for the Assistant Clerical Officer post earlier will only be required to attend one skills test for both posts. The results of the skills test shall be used for determining whether the candidates are invited to the selection interview for the respective post. For candidates who have not taken the Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST) or have not attained a pass result in the BLNST at the time of application, they may still apply for the job and arrangements will be made for them to take the relevant BLNST during the recruitment process. Only those candidates who have passed the BLNST will be considered for appointment.

     Applicants can also submit their application forms by post to the General Grades Office. The application form (G.F. 340 (Rev. 3/2013)) can be downloaded from the CSB website ( The form is also obtainable from any Home Affairs Enquiry Centre of the District Offices of the Home Affairs Department or any Job Centre of the Employment Services Division of the Labour Department.

     In view of possible overloading of the online system towards the application deadline, applicants are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible.

Ends/Friday, August 12, 2022
Issued at HKT 11:03