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Prior consent granted to SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited to cease its 2G services
     The Office of the Communications Authority today (August 11) announced the Communications Authority (CA)'s decision to grant prior consent to the application by SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited (SmarTone) to cease the provision of all its second generation mobile (2G) services starting from October 14, 2022.
     In assessing the application from SmarTone for the service cessation pursuant to Special Condition 10.4 under its Unified Carrier Licence, the CA has taken due consideration of factors including no provision of 2G service plans at present by SmarTone to any new and existing customers, the extremely low percentage of affected customers (namely those who are still using 2G handsets/devices for connection to SmarTone's network), incentive offers provided by SmarTone to the affected customers to upgrade their 2G handsets/devices, favourable termination arrangements provided by SmarTone for those who choose not to upgrade their 2G handsets/devices, and sufficient time of notification and customer support provided by SmarTone to the affected customers. Moreover, in approving the application, the CA also requires SmarTone to maintain satisfactory 2G network coverage until the network is shut down. 
     The spectrum to be freed up by the cessation of 2G services can be redeployed by SmarTone for providing higher generation mobile services, so that its customers will be able to enjoy higher network capacity and enhanced features of more advanced mobile services. 
     Affected customers may refer to the press release issued by SmarTone today announcing its cessation of 2G services. They are advised to contact SmarTone for details of the arrangement as soon as possible, and consider upgrading their 2G handsets/devices to those of higher mobile generations for better service quality as well as more advanced and innovative functions and features available from newer generations of mobile services.
Ends/Thursday, August 11, 2022
Issued at HKT 17:02
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