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Candidates interested in applying for AO, EOII, ATOII and TOII posts reminded to apply for Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law and National Security Law Test
     The Government announced today (August 4) that the next round of recruitment exercises for the posts of Administrative Officer (AO), Executive Officer II (EOII), Assistant Trade Officer II (ATOII) and Transport Officer II (TOII) will begin in September 2022.

     As part of the entry requirements, applicants for these posts will need to have obtained:

(a) Level 2 in the two language papers (Use of Chinese and Use of English) in the Common Recruitment Examination (CRE) or equivalent results;
(b) a Pass result in the Aptitude Test (AT) paper in the CRE; and 
(c) a Pass result in the Basic Law and National Security Law Test (BLNST) (degree/professional grades). 

     Details relating to the CRE and the BLNST and an online application system will be made available on the website of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB) during the respective application periods, while details of the 2022-23 AO, EOII, ATOII and TOII recruitment exercises will be separately announced in September.

     All applicants are required to obtain a pass result in the BLNST for all civil service recruitment exercises advertised on or after July 1, 2022, regardless of whether they have taken any Basic Law Test (BLT) centrally conducted by the CSB or individual bureaux/departments in previous recruitment exercises. In other words, candidates who wish to apply for the posts mentioned above must take the BLNST and attain a pass result in order to be considered for appointment.

     Candidates who do not possess the requisite CRE results or equivalent results should also apply to take the relevant paper(s) in this round of the CRE, as applicants for the posts will not automatically be given places at the coming CRE and BLNST.

     The CRE and BLNST will be held in Hong Kong, and tentatively in Beijing and six overseas cities. The details are set out below:
Location Application period
(Hong Kong time)
Examination dates
Hong Kong August 5 to August
18 (5pm)
October 8 and 15
(or another date within October if necessary)
Beijing, London, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Sydney (tentative) To be announced later December 10
     All CRE and/or BLNST applicants may apply to take the examination in either Hong Kong or any one of the above-mentioned cities outside Hong Kong, but not both.

     In light of the evolving situation of COVID-19, the CSB may adjust the arrangements for the examination. Please refer to the CSB website at www.csb.gov.hk/english/recruit/cre/949.html for any updates of the examination arrangements.
Ends/Thursday, August 4, 2022
Issued at HKT 18:33
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