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Hospital Authority spares no effort in assisting injured performers
The following is issued on behalf of the Hospital Authority:

     Queen Elizabeth Hospital received two injured persons from a concert accident last night (July 28), and immediately dispatched a multi-disciplinary team to provide treatment to the injured. One of the injured is staying in the Intensive Care Unit in serious condition, and underwent an operation this afternoon (July 29). Accompanied by his family, the other injured person in stable condition was discharged this afternoon. The medical team will closely monitor the condition of the injured persons, providing appropriate treatment, support and follow up on their recovery.

     The Hospital Authority (HA) is aware of the information related to the injured being widely spread through society, while the HA could not disclose further details of their conditions in order to protect patient privacy.
     The HA understands that some members of the public who witnessed the accident at the scene, or watched video clips of the accident on the Internet, may feel anxious and uneasy. The HA mental health hotline services are ready to provide emotional support to the public. Those in need may receive assistance from professional medical staff by calling the hotline at 2466 7350 without making an appointment.
     HA Senior Clinical Psychologist Ms Karen Tam said members of the public may have developed acute stress reactions if they are feeling anxious, panic, anger, or are having difficulty sleeping, experiencing unconscious flashbacks of the event, avoiding relevant people and events, and recalling memories of past traumatic events. Everyone may react differently to the situation while those in need should seek professional medical help immediately.
     "Members of the public are advised to avoid watching relevant video clips, and should also be cautious about their exposure to the information related to the incident. They should always be aware of their emotions and maintain regular life. When necessary, they should talk to people they trust," said Ms Tam.
     The HA will make every effort to provide emotional support to citizens in need, hoping to help those affected in dealing with their uneasy emotions. The HA also wishes the two injured persons a speedy recovery. The medical team will spare no effort in assisting them and their families to help tide them over this challenging period.
Ends/Friday, July 29, 2022
Issued at HKT 18:10
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