Award ceremony for "2022 Let's Join Hands in Safeguarding National Security" Programme held today (with photos)

     The award ceremony for the "2022 Let's Join Hands in Safeguarding National Security" Programme (the Programme) jointly organised by the Education Bureau and the Security Bureau was held today (July 29). Awards were presented to 110 winning schools and students at the ceremony.
     The Programme aims to promote participation of primary and secondary school teachers and students in student activities related to safeguarding national security, with a view to enabling national security education to take root in schools. Key activities of the Programme include a slogan-cum-poster design competition and an online quiz competition.
     The Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, the Permanent Secretary for Education, Ms Michelle Li, and adjudication panel members of the slogan-cum-poster design competition consisting of Legislative Council Member Dr Simon Hoey Lee, Mr Yu Tai-wai, Mr Henry Tong, Mr Lee Lung-hei, Mr Lee Wai-hung and Ms Ng Kai-kwan, officiated at the ceremony.
     Addressing the ceremony, Mr Tang said that for the concept of safeguarding national security to take root in schools, the learning process has to be lively and interesting. Through the slogan-cum-poster design competition and the online quiz competition, the Programme enabled students, under the guidance of their teachers, to thoroughly comprehend and reflect on the significance of various important areas of national security.
     He also pointed out that through the topics of the competition, namely "national security makes lives better" and "the Hong Kong National Security Law ensures long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong", students can consider, from the perspectives of daily lives and the overall development of Hong Kong society, how safeguarding different areas of national security can enhance people's lives and the future of Hong Kong.
     Speaking at the ceremony, Ms Li said that the Education Bureau has been committed to promoting national security education so that schools can cultivate students' awareness and sense of responsibility in safeguarding national security from an early age. The Education Bureau continues to carry out a lot of work in providing curriculum guidelines, learning and teaching resources, teacher training and life-wide learning activities to support schools' participation in the promotion of national security education within and beyond the classroom through a whole-school approach.
     She also stated that the Education Bureau, together with the Security Bureau, have recently presented to schools the picture book "Our Country, Our Security" with Professor Bi Yanying as the editor-in-chief. It is rich in content and helps students understand in a vivid and concrete way that national security involves many areas that are closely related to the fundamental interests of the country and the daily operation of society. Therefore, each of us should take the security of the country as our responsibility and consciously contribute to safeguarding national security. The Education Bureau will, as always, continue to promote the development of different areas to enable national security to take root in the school campus.
     The Programme received an overwhelming response from teachers and students in primary and secondary schools across the territory. In particular, 1 863 students from a total of 173 schools participated in the slogan-cum-poster design competition, while as many as 58 094 students from 456 schools participated in the online quiz competition.
     The winning entries of the slogan-cum-poster design competition have been uploaded to the Hong Kong National Security Law online virtual exhibition ( launched by the Security Bureau. The public is welcome to visit the exhibition to view the winning entries.

Ends/Friday, July 29, 2022
Issued at HKT 18:18