More point-to-point transport services to convey inbound persons from airport to designated quarantine hotels (with photos/video)

     With an increasing number of people arriving at Hong Kong from overseas, the demand for point-to-point transport services from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to designated quarantine hotels (DQHs) keeps rising. The Government has enhanced the existing free point-to-point transport services for inbound persons, and also introduced new options of self-paid transport services, with a view to shortening the journey time from HKIA to DQHs, a Government spokesman said today (July 25).
(1) Free point-to-point designated transport service
     The Health Bureau (HHB) has requested the transport service operator to suitably adjust the coach schedule and routes taking into account the number and distribution of DQHs, and the number of inbound persons, with a view to expanding the patronage. As the number of DQHs has doubled to nearly 70 in the past four months, the HHB has increased the number of routes of the free designated transport service from HKIA to DQHs to 18 since early July. Each route covers three to five hotels and the travelling time of each trip is under two hours. Besides, clear signage showing the routes as well as the destinations of hotels are placed in the Arrival Hall. The operator has also increased its manpower to assist inbound persons waiting for coaches and will explore the use of information technology to enhance the overall transport service.
(2) Self-paid DQH taxi services
     With the co-ordination of the Transport and Logistics Bureau, the taxi trade has arranged 100 taxis to provide transport services for inbound persons from HKIA to DQHs on a trial basis from today. To use the self-paid DQH taxi service, passengers will have to pay the metered fares and any additional charges applicable, e.g. tunnel tolls and luggage fees. Taxi drivers have to display the fare conversion tables issued by the Transport Department in the vehicle if the taximeters have yet to be adjusted to display the new fares which have taken effect from July 17. Passengers have to pay the new fares according to the conversion tables.

     DQH taxis operate from 8am to 2am daily. Inbound persons who opt to go to DQHs by taxis at their own expense should inform the staff at the Arrival Hall after completing immigration procedures and baggage claim. They should go to the designated area for waiting and boarding DQH taxis as instructed.

     DQH taxis only provide services for inbound persons from HKIA to DQHs. They will not transport passengers to other places nor pick up other passengers. Specific labels (see annex) will be affixed at a prominent location of the DQH taxis for public identification. For anti-epidemic purpose, inbound persons must use the back seats of the taxis and the front passenger seat of the taxis will not carry passengers.
(3) Self-paid DQH limousine service
     At present, about 10 DQHs provide self-paid limousine service. Inbound persons can contact their hotels in advance for the service.
     The Government has provided DQH taxi operators, DQHs providing self-paid limousine service and drivers with anti-epidemic guidelines. Drivers must wear protective equipment, including masks and protective gowns, and fully clean and disinfect the compartments upon completion of every single journey.
     The spokesman said, "The Government will continue to closely monitor the operation of the point-to-point transport services for conveying inbound persons from HKIA to DQHs and make adjustments in a timely manner having regard to the actual situation and demand. Inbound persons can choose to go to DQHs by free transport service, or self-paid taxis or limousine service according to their personal needs."
     The spokesman stressed that the Government will, in view of the epidemic developments, formulate targeted strategies and measures, thereby protecting the safety and health of citizens while minimising the impact on normal social activities.

Ends/Monday, July 25, 2022
Issued at HKT 10:00