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Public transport arrangements for opening of Hong Kong Palace Museum
     The Transport Department (TD) today (June 28) reminded members of the public that in connection with the opening of the Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) on July 2, the public transport services for the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) will be strengthened, and visitors of the HKPM and the M+ museum can make use of the following public transport services to and from the WKCD:

(1) Green minibus (GMB)
GMB routes serving the WKCD (including Cultural Express route No. CX1 and GMB route Nos. 26, 74/74S and 77M);  

(2) Franchised bus
(i) Franchised bus routes serving the WKCD (including KMB route No. 296D and Citybus cross-harbour route No. 973);
(ii) About 20 cross-harbour bus routes passing through the Western Harbour Crossing (boarding and alighting at the Western Harbour Crossing Toll Plaza bus stop);  
(iii) Franchised bus routes terminating at the Kowloon Station Public Transport Interchange (boarding and alighting at en-route stops on Nga Cheung Road or Austin Road West); and

(3) MTR
MTR train services to Kowloon Station (Exit D1 via the Artist Square Bridge connecting the International Commerce Centre or Exit E4 via Nga Cheung Road) or Austin Station (Exit D2 via Austin Road West), and then walk for five to 10 minutes to the WKCD.

     Details of the public transport services connecting to the WKCD are in the Annex.

     The TD has reminded public transport operators to closely monitor the passenger demand of relevant routes, and strengthen the services when necessary.
     Members of the public are advised to stay alert to the latest traffic news through the media or the TD's mobile application "HKeMobility" or website (www.td.gov.hk).
Ends/Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Issued at HKT 13:05
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