Transcript of remarks at press conference on Principal Official appointments (1) (with photos/video)

     Following is the transcript of remarks from the press conference by the Chief Executive-elect, Mr John Lee, and the new team of Principal Officials for the sixth-term of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government at the Auditorium, Central Government Offices, Tamar, today (June 19):
Reporter: Hello Mr Lee. In total, there are four lawmakers being appointed to the key roles. Does it reflect a shortage of political talents in the pool? And they have no experience in the Government. Why did you think the four lawmakers were qualified for this role? And have you passed the list to the National Security Department for review before submitting it to Beijing? Thanks.
Chief Executive-elect: Well, I think the invitation of the four Legislative Council Members into the Government is a reflection of the strengths and experiences that I'm bringing into this governing team. Well, Hong Kong has a lot of talents, has a lot of committed people who want to serve Hong Kong. But in my selection of people, then of course I want them to come from various backgrounds, so that as I've explained earlier, we can gather, as much as possible, experiences, angles, and strengths from different sectors. The Legislative Council Members that are invited into the governing team all have their strengths, experiences, and also the strong will to serve Hong Kong well.
     And what is also very important is that they share the same ideal of governance. They will be result-oriented, they will be strong on team spirit and strong on execution. My selection of officials is my own ideas, and of course, there will be the necessary procedure to go through in accordance with the law, in accordance with the normal procedures. They have all been so conducted.
Reporter: You promised to speak to the public, communicate with the public, with your cabinet. Now, you've been taking exclusive interviews with the likes of Wen Wei Po, Xinhua, Ta Kung Pao. Is that the main means you are going to use, and press conferences, to speak to the public, or how are you and your cabinet members going to communicate with the public? Will you be going down to the community to speak to them and handle different public opinions? Thank you.
Chief Executive-elect: Can you repeat the first part of your premise, because I don't want to not pay attention to it as if I agree with it?
Reporter: How will you and your cabinet members be speaking, communicating with the public? Especially, earlier we've been seeing you speaking, taking exclusive media interviews, with the likes of Wen Wei Po, the likes of Ta Kung Pao, and state media. So how will you and your officials be communicating with the public going forward? Thank you.
Chief Executive-elect: OK. First of all, I wouldn't think it will be a good way of treating media with differentiation. I will take that when I talk to a particular media organisation, through it I'll be talking to everybody in Hong Kong and the world. So I try to think along that way and I hope everyone will think along that way.
     The second thing is, I have mentioned in my earlier statement that we will be making contact with people, we will be going out to do visits, and we will be trying to communicate as much as possible with different sectors of the community. That is something we will do and you will see it happen. And of course, we will be doing it in the way that the district would like it to happen, because different districts have different problems and different issues, and we will be communicating with the district personnel who know the area, so that we will be sending the officers that will be answering to the needs and the wishes of the district people. And of course talking to the media is another way of communicating with the public. But what is important is, as I've already mentioned in my manifesto, I will be creating teams, volunteers in the 18 districts, and I will sincerely hope that the teams I will be creating in the 18 districts will work hand in hand with the Government so that we go to the people who have their aspirations and needs that want to be heard by the Government. That is what we will do and we will do it sincerely.
(to be continued.)

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