2022 Employment Support Scheme publishes first list of successful applicants

     The Government today (May 31) publishes on its official website (www.ess.gov.hk/en) the particulars of the first batch of employers who have received wage subsidies in the 2022 Employment Support Scheme (2022 ESS), including their names, core business, as well as the wage subsidy and committed employee headcount for May. The Government will keep the list updated as and when more applications are approved.
     The Government spokesman said, "The 2022 ESS adopts a highly transparent approach by facilitating public monitoring. Any members of the public believing that abuse or non-compliance may be involved can make a report through the hotline at 183 6122 or by email at enquiry@ess.gov.hk. The Secretariat will follow up on all reports and complaints received with a thorough investigation. Employers found to have made a false statement, misinterpreted or concealed the facts, or furnished false or misleading documents or information in an attempt to deceive the 2022 ESS subsidies may be liable to prosecution."     
     The spokesman said, "So far, about 77 000 employers have had their wage subsidies for May approved, involving $5.2 billion in total. These employers have committed to employ around 665 000 employees in May. The remaining successful applicants will receive notifications via SMS message and email in batches, and can log in to the 2022 ESS website to check the detailed application results. Applicants will normally receive the subsidies seven working days after receiving the notifications."
     Separately, the Secretariat will soon open up the website portal starting early June to allow employers who have received wage subsidies for May to adjust their committed headcount for June if they so wish. Employers will be notified via SMS message and email when the portal will be opened, and any change needs to be made within 10 days from the notification.
     The spokesman again reminded those employers having applied for the 2022 ESS that, as the Government will use MPF records of each subsidy month to determine whether employers have complied with the undertakings, employees and their salary information that are not shown on the MPF records will not be counted towards fulfilling the committed headcount. As a result, the relevant employers may be subject to a clawback of subsidy and a penalty. Employers must:
  • make timely MPF contributions for employees each month (i.e. by June 10 for contributions of May, by July 11 for contributions of June, by August 10 for contributions of July);
  • (if applicable) open MPF employee accounts for new employee(s) and make MPF contributions in that month, and must not wait until shortly before the expiry of the 60-day enrolment deadline to complete the account setup and make contributions;
  • (if applicable) open MPF employee accounts for employees aged 65 or above (if not yet opened) in that month and report the monthly wage; and
  • (if applicable) make MPF contributions for casual employees (including those whose wages are paid on a daily basis) in the relevant month.

Ends/Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Issued at HKT 20:31