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Education Bureau launches "Applied Learning Virtual Exhibition 2022" to promote courses for 2022-24 cohort (with photos)
     The Education Bureau (EDB) today (March 31) informed all secondary schools to encourage students, parents, principals and teachers to visit the "Applied Learning Virtual Exhibition 2022" (apl-virtualexhibition2022.com) to gain a better understanding of Applied Learning (ApL) courses (2022-24 cohort).
     A spokesman for the EDB said, "Jointly organised by the EDB and ApL course providers, the online exhibition is launched today and will be held until August 31. Same as last year, we continue to organise the Virtual Exhibition via an online platform this year in view of the COVID-19 situation. Students can visit the Virtual Exhibition to browse the information provided by all 10 ApL course providers on more than 50 ApL courses, including course briefs, videos and students' works, to gain a better understanding of ApL as a valued senior secondary elective subject.
     "ApL connects theory and practice linked to broad professional and vocational fields. It develops students' knowledge, generic skills, positive values, attitudes and behaviours through simulated or authentic contexts, preparing them for further studies and work. Students are encouraged to make good use of the current special school holiday to visit the exhibition and explore their career aspirations and future path for lifelong learning," added the spokesman.
     ApL is an elective subject in the local senior secondary curriculum, covering six areas of studies: Creative Studies; Media and Communication; Business, Management and Law; Services; Applied Science, and Engineering and Production. In addition, there are courses of Applied Learning Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students).
     The EDB continues to refine ApL courses so that the learning content can keep abreast of the latest developments in different professional and vocational fields. Nine new ApL courses have been developed in the 2022-24 cohort, which include "Korean Language and Culture", "Practical Translation (CHI-ENG)", "AI and Robotics" and "Jewellery Design in Digital Age".
     Moreover, the EDB has produced three videos of ApL graduates' success stories for the series of "Applied Learning, Apply the Learning!" entitled "Setting our goals, Exploring the future" (emm.edcity.hk/media/1_55stn6il), "Pursuing our dreams, Expressing our talents" (emm.edcity.hk/media/1_ap0z1ylv) and "Unleashing our potentials, Embracing the future" (emm.edcity.hk/media/1_1p8eztsw). The videos feature the learning process of three ApL graduates from "Introduction to Theatre Arts", "Western Cuisine", and "Railway Studies" who share their personal stories on how ApL had helped them step by step realise their goals in further studies and career pursuits. The videos are now available for viewing on the EDB Educational Multimedia website.

     For further details about ApL, please visit the EDB website (www.edb.gov.hk/apl/en).
Ends/Thursday, March 31, 2022
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The Education Bureau and Applied Learning course providers jointly organised the "Applied Learning Virtual Exhibition 2022".
The "Applied Learning Virtual Exhibition 2022" is launched today (March 31) and will be held until August 31 via an online platform. Students can browse the information provided by all 10 Applied Learning (ApL) course providers on more than 50 ApL courses, including course briefs, videos and students' works.