Latest developments of Hong Kong Observatory's services

     Marking World Meteorological Day, the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) today (March 23) recapped the weather in 2021 and elaborated on the weather outlook for Hong Kong this year and the latest developments of its services.

     2021 was the warmest year in Hong Kong since records began in 1884, with the annual mean temperature reaching 24.6 degrees. The mean temperatures of March, May and September 2021 were 22.0 degrees, 29.0 degrees and 29.7 degrees respectively, all of which were the highest on record for the corresponding months. There were 61 Hot Nights (with a daily minimum temperature at 28.0 degrees or higher) and 54 Very Hot Days (with a daily maximum temperature at 33.0 degrees or higher) in 2021, both breaking the record highs set in 2020.
     On the weather outlook for 2022, the HKO expects that the tropical cyclone season may start in June or earlier and end in October or later. There may be about five to eight tropical cyclones coming within 500 kilometres of Hong Kong this year, which is normal to above normal. Under the influence of global warming and local urbanisation, the chance of the annual mean temperature being normal to above normal is expected to be relatively higher. On the other hand, the annual rainfall is expected to be normal to above normal this year, and Hong Kong may be affected by heavy rain. Members of the public should make proper preparations for the rainy and tropical cyclone seasons.
     The HKO will continue to enhance its services this year. In respect of climate forecasting services, the HKO will publish seasonal forecasts for the next three months on a monthly basis starting from April this year, covering average temperature and total rainfall of the season in tercile categories.

     The HKO is also exploring to further strengthen forecasting and enhance dissemination of information to the public in relation to the combined impact of strong winds and prolonged rainstorms brought about by tropical cyclones, so as to better safeguard public safety.

     In response to the continuously increasing numbers of Very Hot Days and Hot Nights, the HKO will deliver Special Weather Tips messages pertaining to prolonged heat spells through push notifications in the mobile application "MyObservatory" starting from this summer. The messages will serve to remind the public to take appropriate measures against prolonged impacts of very-hot weather or Hot Nights, and will also be announced on the HKO website.

     In addition, the HKO will this year launch a new version of "MyObservatory", which will adopt a more personalised home screen design, enabling users to get hold of rainfall information and weather in various districts at any time more conveniently.

     On public education, the HKO plans to launch an interactive e-book titled "Decoding Radiation" this year. With the aid of infographics and quizzes, the e-book will introduce topics such as the types of radiation, radiation monitoring and nuclear emergency preparedness and response in layman's terms.

     In view of the latest developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, the HKO Open Day this year will continue to be held online. The public may visit the HKO Headquarters through the virtual tour and videos on the Hong Kong Observatory Open Day 2022 webpage to be launched later.

Ends/Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Issued at HKT 15:00