$2 Scheme extended to red minibuses, kaitos and trams

     The Government today (February 11) announced that the Government Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities ($2 Scheme) will be extended to cover trams as well as red minibus and kaito routes approved by the Transport Department (TD) from February 27.
     Red minibus and kaito operators participating in the Scheme must strictly comply with the TD's monitoring conditions, including registration with the department of origin and destination of the routes and fares, installation of an Octopus payment system on admitted routes to ensure adherence to pre-set registered fares for calculating reimbursement of differential fares, as well as compliance with its regular reporting and audit requirements. Preparation work by the operators is underway so as to meet the monitoring and auditing requirements. 
     A total of 45 red minibus routes and 11 kaito routes have been approved by the TD to join the Scheme. For ease of identification, the logo of the Scheme (see attached Annex I) will be displayed at a prominent position on vehicles or vessels and atop the Octopus readers of the routes of the red minibuses and kaitos concerned. Details of these routes are at Annex II.
     From February 27, all eligible persons may enjoy the $2 concessionary fare on trams as well as the red minibus and kaito routes approved to join the Scheme in addition to MTR, franchised buses, ferries and green minibuses. Eligible persons aged 60 to 64 must use a JoyYou Card to enjoy the $2 concessionary fare. JoyYou Card holders are reminded to load more than $50 to the card before initial use, in which $50 is a refundable deposit charged by the Octopus Cards Limited.

Ends/Friday, February 11, 2022
Issued at HKT 16:30