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"StayHomeSafe" Scheme launched
     The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health (DH) said in view of the serious epidemic situation, in order to curb the spread of COVID-19, safeguard people's health and protect the healthcare system from collapse, the Government launched the "StayHomeSafe" Scheme today (February 8). The CHP has today started to arrange close contacts and household contacts of close contacts who are deemed appropriate after assessment to undergo home quarantine for 14 days and four days respectively. 

     A CHP spokesman said that the CHP would carry out an assessment for persons who need to undergo home quarantine. Factors to be considered include the suitability of the person’s dwelling place for quarantine, the risk level of persons confining at the same place, and their individual physical conditions.

     Persons undergoing "StayHomeSafe" must stay in their dwelling place and wear an electronic wristband throughout the quarantine period; regularly monitor their physical condition including taking body temperature twice daily; conduct regular Rapid Antigen Test on their own on specified dates (close contacts must also attend the Community Testing Centre for testing on Day 12); and follow other home quarantine guidelines issued by the DH.

     The Government has launched a dedicated website for the "StayHomeSafe" Scheme:
www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/home-quarantine.html, and the Home Affairs Department has also set up hotline (www.coronavirus.gov.hk/pdf/Important_Contact_Information.pdf) to provide assistance to persons undergoing "StayHomeSafe".
     As at noon today, the CHP has issued home quarantine orders to 38 persons, comprising 19 close contacts and 19 household contacts of close contacts, involving a total of 17 households. A list of the buildings where these households reside are available online (www.chp.gov.hk/files/pdf/stayhomesafe_buildings.pdf). Persons undergoing "StayHomeSafe" should call the above hotline immediately to report if they develop symptoms or if their Rapid Antigen Test gives a positive result during the quarantine period.
     The implementation of the "StayHomeSafe" Scheme depends on the concerted co-operation of the various sectors of the society and the general public. The CHP appeals to property management companies to help deliver items to persons under home quarantine and has drawn up infection control guidelines for them to follow in order to avoid transmitting the virus. The CHP also encourages the friends and relatives of persons under "StayHomeSafe" to give them support and provide supplies but they must avoid face-to-face contact with the person under home quarantine.

    The CHP spokesman appeals to the public to continue to remain vigilant, maintain personal hygiene and wear facemasks properly. COVID-19 vaccination can prevent COVID-19 infection, and if infected, reduce the risk of severe disease and death from COVID-19. Members of the public are encouraged to get vaccinated. Details of the programme can be found at the designated website (www.covidvaccine.gov.hk).
Ends/Tuesday, February 8, 2022
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