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Polls of first Legislative Council election after improvements to electoral system close
     The Chief Executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, today (December 19) issued the following statement after the polls of the 2021 Legislative Council General Election closed:

     The 2021 Legislative Council General Election is an important election following the improvements to the electoral system to implement the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong" and carries far-reaching meaning. Over a period of time in the past, anti-China forces entered the political system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) through elections, throwing the Legislative Council (LegCo) into chaos. Some people even attempted to dominate the LegCo via elections and seize the governance power of the HKSAR, posing risks to national security. The clear requirement mandating that candidates should be patriots is legitimate, which is the core element in the implementation of "One Country, Two Systems". The HKSAR Government is confident that the seventh-term LegCo, which is formed after the electoral system has been improved, can effectively enhance the governance efficiency of the HKSAR and open a new chapter on good administration and governance.

     A total of 153 candidates with different backgrounds and political views contended for 90 seats, which is testimony to the broad representation, political inclusiveness, balanced participation and fair competition of the election. This is the first time that there has been no uncontested seat in the election. Candidates canvassed for voters' support in a pragmatic manner by their manifestos and participating in various election forums and electioneering activities. I commend the hard work of each candidate during the election period.

     This election is of a large scale with intricate operations. It is composed of the Election Committee constituency, the geographical constituencies and the functional constituencies, and the preparation has involved extensive manpower and various resources. The polls today were conducted in an open, fair and honest manner and the overall process was generally smooth. Various enhancement measures were implemented to provide convenience to voters, including arranging a special queue for elderly people, pregnant women and people with disabilities, increasing significantly the number of ballot paper issuing desks and using the Electronic Poll Register system to issue ballot papers, and the results were satisfactory. With the full assistance rendered by the relevant Mainland authorities, the operation of the polling stations specially set up at the boundary control points for registered electors in the Mainland to cast their votes during the pandemic was also smooth.

     I sincerely thank more than 1.3 million voters who have cast their votes today. Their votes are not only for choosing their own LegCo members, they are also a show of support for the improved electoral system and their aspirations for effective enhancement of the governance efficiency of the HKSAR as well as the resulting economic development and livelihood improvements. The HKSAR Government also expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the organisations which have encouraged their staff members to cast their votes, or proactively assisted the Government in promoting the election.

     I must also thank the hard work of colleagues from various units, including the Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Commission, Mr Justice Barnabas Fung Wah, and members Mr Arthur Luk, SC and Professor Daniel Shek, the Registration and Electoral Office and the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau for their detailed planning and full preparation for the polling day, and also about 40 000 government personnel who helped with the election and over 12 000 other officers on duty today. The counting of votes is in progress and election results will be announced as soon as possible.

     I look forward to co-operating sincerely with members of the new term of the LegCo to promote together Hong Kong's economic development and its integration into the overall development of the nation as well as improvements to people's livelihoods to build a better Hong Kong and contribute to the country.
Ends/Sunday, December 19, 2021
Issued at HKT 23:42
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