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EDB launches "SENSE" information website (with photo)
     The Education Bureau (EDB) launched a one-stop website, "SENSE" (sense.edb.gov.hk), today (September 30) to facilitate easy access by schools, parents and the public to the latest information and online resources on integrated education (IE) and special education (SE) for supporting students with special educational needs (SEN).
     A spokesman for the EDB said, "The EDB attaches great importance to supporting students with SEN. Upholding the belief that 'it all begins with our hearts', the EDB has been engaging schools in this collaborative effort to help these students overcome their limitations and difficulties and realise their potential." The "SENSE" website rightly signifies the professional dedication of the education sector to supporting students with SEN and enhancing the quality of SE. 
     The EDB hopes that schools, parents and the public can enthusiastically use the "SENSE" website to help students with SEN enhance their learning and realise their potential at different developmental stages so that they can gradually become independent persons with adaptability and self-learning abilities to embrace the challenges in life.
     The spokesman said that the content of the "SENSE" website is comprehensive. There are five dedicated pages, namely "Integrated Education", "Special Education", "Professional Support", "Professional Development of Teachers" and "Types of Special Educational Needs".
     The "Integrated Education" page introduces the related policies, measures and resources in ordinary schools. The section "Integrated Education in Practice" therein contains the latest developments of IE, sharing of schools' hands-on experience and interviews, and commonly used forms and practical teaching tools. In addition, parents and teachers can make use of different resources such as materials in the "Joyful Online Learning at Home" series to help students with SEN learn by adopting effective strategies.
     As for the "Special Education" page, it provides information of special schools, such as their categories, curriculum and resources. Parents and the public can browse the sections on "Features of Special Schools" and "Sharing Our Success" to learn more about how special schools foster students' growth through learning and help students become more confident and independent.
     The "Professional Support" page introduces the professional support of the EDB, including the School-based Educational Psychology Service, School-based Speech Therapy Service, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Enhanced Support Service for Students with Hearing Impairment, Resource Support Programme for Visually Impaired Students and School Partnership Scheme, etc.
     The "Professional Development of Teachers" page contains information on teachers' professional development related to SE. Teachers can refer to details of the professional development activities in the "Professional Development Calendar" section. The relevant content will be updated regularly.
     In addition, the EDB has developed evidence-based support strategies, programmes and services to help schools enhance the learning and social adaptability of students with SEN through providing targeted support that caters for respective types of SEN. There are nine types of SEN, including intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, mental illness, specific learning difficulties, physical disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment and speech and language impairment. In this regard, the "Types of Special Educational Needs" page provides schools and parents with the related resources and support measures for each of these types of SEN for reference and application.
     As always, the EDB will continue to work with parents, schools and the public to provide appropriate support and quality education to students with SEN, foster their growth and learning, and enable them to develop their potential.
Ends/Thursday, September 30, 2021
Issued at HKT 11:00
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The Education Bureau launched a one-stop website, "SENSE" (sense.edb.gov.hk), today (September 30) to facilitate easy access by schools, parents and the public to the latest information and online resources on integrated education and special education.