Government updates list of places of recognised vaccination records

     The Government announced today (September 27) that it has concluded discussions with the Governments of Brazil and Russia to accept vaccination records issued by these two countries as recognised vaccination records for Hong Kong residents who have stayed in Group A specified places under the mechanism. The relevant arrangements will take effect at 0.00am on September 29 (Wednesday).

     From 0.00am on September 29, Hong Kong residents who hold vaccination records issued by the relevant authorities of Brazil or Russia in the prescribed formats can board a flight for Hong Kong from Group A specified places. The vaccines administered for the relevant travellers have to be vaccines listed on the Government's List of COVID-19 Vaccines Recognised for Specified Purposes.
     The Government implemented from August 20 stringent inbound prevention and control measures for travellers arriving at Hong Kong from overseas places. For travellers who have stayed in Group A specified places on the day of boarding or in the 21 days before that day, they can only board a flight for Hong Kong if they are Hong Kong residents who are fully vaccinated and holding recognised vaccination records. Recognised vaccination records include those issued by Hong Kong, Mainland or Macao authorities or an institution recognised by Mainland or Macao authorities, an authority or recognised institution of a country where its national regulatory authority is designated by the World Health Organization as a stringent regulatory authority, or a relevant authority or recognised institution of a country with which Hong Kong has reached a recognition agreement arrangement with its government.

     The list of places that are accepted for issuing recognised vaccination records is set out in the Annex, and will be uploaded to the Government's COVID-19 thematic website.
     The Government will continue to discuss with other places on the arrangements for the recognition of vaccination records, and will update the list as recognition arrangements are agreed with these places.

Ends/Monday, September 27, 2021
Issued at HKT 20:02