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Security Bureau seriously warns organisation concerned of need to comply with requirement to provide information under Implementation Rules of Hong Kong National Security Law
     Security Bureau noticed that an organisation stated openly its intention to refuse to comply with the Police's requirement to provide information under Schedule 5 of the Implementation Rules under the Hong Kong National Security Law. The Bureau gave its solemn warning in this regard.

     Endangering national security is a very serious crime. The damage is serious. Action must be taken to prevent and suppress the act. In order to effectively prevent and suppress offences endangering national security, law enforcement officers need to obtain relevant information about certain foreign or Taiwan political organisations and foreign or Taiwan agents.

     Security Bureau reiterates that law enforcement actions taken by law enforcement agencies are based on evidence, strictly according to the law, for the acts of the persons or entities concerned. Security Bureau supports the Hong Kong Police Force in taking law enforcement actions in accordance with the law.

     The Security Bureau spokesman said, "Schedule 5 of the Implementation Rules already stipulates the outcome of not complying with the requirement to provide information, including fine and imprisonment. The law enforcement department will no doubt follow up according to the law in case there are any violations of the law. To avoid bearing the legal risk, the organisation concerned should immediately turn back before it is too late."
Ends/Sunday, September 5, 2021
Issued at HKT 15:10
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