CSD combats illicit collective activities at Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution (with photos)

     The Correctional Services Department (CSD) today (August 19) launched an operation to combat illicit collective activities of detainees at Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution.

     The management of the institution received intelligence recently that individual detainees are dissatisfied with the custodial arrangement at the institution along with the stringent requirements to obey the institutional order and routine, and have contemplated taking mass indiscipline actions. The management then closely monitored activities of the target detainees. 

     At 7.25am today, in accordance with the daily routine, correctional officers arranged 17 detainees to leave their dormitories and proceed to a dayroom. However, two detainees (targeted detainees) refused to obey the order of the officers to line up, and the officers immediately intervened to ascertain the reason. During the encounter, the aforesaid two detainees continuously provoked officers and shouted in an attempt to incite the emotions of other detainees.

     Reinforcement staff arrived at the scene to control the situation and separated the two detainees concerned, pending disciplinary actions. Thereafter, 10 detainees staged a hunger strike during breakfast, demanding that management withdraw all disciplinary actions. Intelligence revealed that other detainees might likely become involved.

     Following an assessment, the CSD immediately deployed members of the Regional Response Team, the Dog Unit, and other reinforcement teams for back-up of the management of Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution. As at 2pm, a total of 12 detainees were being investigated under separate confinement.

     The CSD is committed to ensuring a safe and secure custodial environment, and will spare no efforts and take every measure to combat any form of illegal activities to ensure the stability of the institution.

     Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution is a minimum security detention centre for the detention of male adult detainees under the Immigration Ordinance.

Ends/Thursday, August 19, 2021
Issued at HKT 18:00