"iAM Smart" registration exceeds 800 000

     The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) announced today (August 16) that more than 800 000 users have registered for the one-stop personalised digital service platform "iAM Smart" and over 150 commonly used government, public and private online services are now accessible through the platform. The most popular online services include the download of the COVID-19 electronic vaccination record, the submission of online applications for renewal of vehicle licences and tax return filing with eTAX. With a wider adoption of "iAM Smart", users can handle various matters comfortably at home and enjoy the new experience brought by "iAM Smart".

     Services including the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHealth) and the e-Submission Service for Working Family Allowance (WFA) applications have recently adopted "iAM Smart". With the authentication function of "iAM Smart", members of the public can submit eHealth applications and activate their accounts online directly, for immediate access to their electronic health records (including COVID-19 vaccination records), saving them from the need of in-person identity verification again at eHealth registration locations in order to activate the eHealth account. At a later stage, the Hospital Authority's mobile app "HA Go" will also allow the activation of its functions through the use of the authentication function of "iAM Smart". Moreover, a WFA applicant may use "iAM Smart" to obtain an electronic form prefilled with the information of the last approved application and submit the new WFA application online using the digital signing function of "iAM Smart+", saving time and effort.

     Apart from government services, the adoption of "iAM Smart" by public and commercial services is becoming more extensive, providing greater convenience to the public. Examples include online services of electricity and gas companies, the online policy application of an insurance company, simplified banking services such as the application of ATM cards and ordering cheque books by the use of "iAM Smart". A bank has also put on trial a remote account opening service through digital identity verification with the use of "iAM Smart". Customers can complete the bank account opening process while staying home.

      "'iAM Smart' is an important digital infrastructure supporting Hong Kong's smart city development. The OGCIO has been actively liaising with different sectors to encourage public and private organisations to take part in the 'iAM Smart' Sandbox Programme and conduct mock-up and integration tests on the application programming interface (API), with a view to enabling more and all-encompassing online services that the public can conveniently connect through 'iAM Smart'," a spokesman for the OGCIO said.

     An "iAM Smart" account is available in two versions, namely "iAM Smart" and "iAM Smart+". "iAM Smart" provides authentication, "e-ME" form filling, and personalised notification functions, while the "iAM Smart+" version provides an additional function of digital signing with legal backing. For information on registration and services accessible through "iAM Smart", please visit the "iAM Smart" website (www.iamsmart.gov.hk).

Ends/Monday, August 16, 2021
Issued at HKT 11:45