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Government reminds public of registration and disbursement timing of Consumption Voucher Scheme
     The Government spokesman today (July 14) said the Consumption Voucher Scheme (the Scheme) has received enthusiastic response from the public since the registration started. As at 6pm, about 5 540 000 registrations have been received, among which over 5 420 000 were electronic registrations. The spokesman reminded that people having completed electronic registration by July 17 and have their eligibility verified will receive the first voucher on August 1. Those submitting paper registration forms or having completed electronic registration on or after July 18 will normally receive the first voucher on September 1. The registration deadline is August 14.

     People who have successfully registered for the Cash Payout Scheme (CPS) announced last year and have received payment/cheque before June 18 may use the information submitted then to answer security questions so as to make electronic registration for the Scheme, regardless of whether they submitted electronic registration or registration forms for the CPS. People may also choose to upload a copy of their identity (ID) card for identity authentication. Those who choose to use "iAM Smart" for authentication should make registration through the "iAM Smart" Mobile App in their mobile device.

     The Government spokesman reminded that, people choosing to upload a copy of their ID card for authentication should complete the registration by uploading their ID card copy by July 17 in order to receive the first voucher on August 1 after their eligibility has been verified. Therefore, people who have submitted electronic registrations using this authentication means but have not yet uploaded their ID card copy should upload it via the Scheme website on or before July 17 so as to complete the registration procedure. 

     In addition, in light of the latest assessment on the network traffic, the Government has decided to adjust the time limit for uploading the ID card copy. Starting from 6am tomorrow (July 15), people may upload their ID card copy to the Scheme website 3 hours (currently 24 hours) after submitting the electronic registration to complete the registration procedure. Meanwhile, registrants who have made electronic registration before 6am tomorrow but have not yet reached the specified time for uploading the ID card copy may also upload it to the Scheme website starting from 9am tomorrow. The registrants will receive an SMS notification from the designated number 6059 1120 as a reminder. To complete the registration procedure, people only need to upload their ID card copy after receiving the SMS notification.

     The Government reiterated that, irrespective of whether the registrants have submitted an electronic or paper form registration, an SMS notification containing a registration reference number will be sent to them via the designated telephone number 6059 1120. Registrants should keep the SMS notification for future enquiries. In addition, registrants submitting electronic registration will receive another SMS notification informing them of the registration result around one week after completing the registration. People submitting paper registration forms will receive the SMS notification on the registration result in around two weeks. 

     Each eligible person can only register once and duplicated registrations will not be processed. Also, each selected stored value facility account can only be registered for one time, and cannot be changed after submission of the registration.
     The spokesman reminded people again to protect their personal data carefully during registration for the Consumption Voucher Scheme. If people need assistance, they should only seek help from those they trust. The Government and its contractors will only communicate with the registrants by designated telephone numbers. The designated telephone numbers are listed in the Scheme website (www.consumptionvoucher.gov.hk).

     The public may visit the Scheme website or call the hotline 18 5000 for enquiries if they have any questions about the Scheme.
Ends/Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Issued at HKT 22:12
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