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Enhancing Electronic Health Record Sharing System to facilitate usage of COVID-19 vaccination records
     To facilitate members of the public to keep their COVID-19 vaccination records, the Government further enhanced the registration process for joining the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS) as well as the functions of the eHealth mobile app, with a view to enabling convenient use by the public.

     Besides the paper record provided by the Government, members of the public may also keep their COVID-19 vaccination records in electronic format. Currently, in addition to the website developed by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (www.evt.gov.hk), members of the public may also join the eHRSS and digitally access their COVID-19 vaccination records through the eHealth mobile app, as well as download the relevant record for health and other community purposes.

     The enhancements made to the registration process for joining the eHRSS and the eHealth mobile app are as follows:

Streamlining the process for joining eHRSS for persons aged below 16

     Persons aged below 16 can join the eHRSS more conveniently through the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme. To successfully join the eHRSS, parents or guardians only need to submit online eHRSS applications for their children aged below 16 and show the print-out of the registration confirmation together with the children's original identification document when the children receive vaccination. Parents can also access their children's COVID-19 vaccination record via the eHealth mobile app.

Display of QR code on COVID-19 vaccination record using eHealth mobile app

     Starting from July 8, when members of the public enter a catering premises or a scheduled premises which require completion of COVID-19 vaccination, they may use the eHealth mobile app for displaying the QR code for their COVID-19 vaccination records. The mobile app concerned can support iOS, Android and Huawei mobile devices, and the QR code on vaccination record generated also meets the relevant specifications for authentication and requirements for security and privacy protection. The "QR Code Verification Scanner" mobile application provided by the Government to catering premises and scheduled premises can also read the relevant QR code.

     A spokesman for the Food and Health Bureau said, "The eHRSS is an electronic platform developed by the Government. With the participants' informed consent, there can be two-way sharing of their vaccination and medical records between medical organisations in the public and private sectors. This enables the Government to strengthen the pharmacovigilance system to further ensure the safety of the vaccines. We encourage members of the public to use the eHRSS proactively."
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