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Police National Security Department takes over case involving lone-wolf terrorist attack
     Police National Security Department (NSD) yesterday (July 3) took over the attempted murder and suicide case happened outside 555 Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay on July 1, in which an attacker used a knife to wound a male police officer and committed suicide.

     Police noticed messages circulating online that encouraged citizens to pay tribute and mourn for the attacker who attempted to murder a police officer. There were even parents bringing young children to grieve for the attacker’s death, trying to glorify, romanticise, make heroic and even rationalise the blatant violence of the attacker.

     Police spokesman stated that the radical and violent acts in this case obviously challenged the rule of law. Hong Kong is a society that upholds the rule of law and people should abide by the law. Advocating members of the public to mourn for the attacker is no different from supporting terrorism. It will incite further hatred, divide the society and eventually breach social order and endanger public safety, threatening everyone in Hong Kong. Members of the public should remain rational, discern fact from fallacy and not to tolerate or glorify violence. We should not let misinformation mislead the next generation into going astray or even worse becoming terrorists.

     Police initial investigation revealed that this was a lone wolf-style act of domestic terrorism in which the attacker was believed to be radicalised by myriad fake information but will not rule out any possibilities. The NSD is now conducting active investigations into the case including whether there was any accomplice involved, whether the attacker was incited by others to commit the crime, whether there was any person in control or support behind the scene, etc. Anyone who has information to offer in connection to the case is urged to contact NSD via NSD reporting hotline (WeChat ID: NSD62717171, SMS: 62717171) or email (NSD-public@police.gov.hk).

     Police reiterate that the cyber world of the Internet is not a virtual space beyond the law. Most of the ordinances stipulated in the real world may also apply for the cyber world. According to section 9 and 10 of the Crimes Ordinance, any person who does or attempts to do, or makes any preparation to do, or conspires with any person to do, any act with a seditious intention, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to a fine of $5,000 and to imprisonment for two years.
Ends/Sunday, July 4, 2021
Issued at HKT 11:29
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