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Government announces additional fourth cycle designated quarantine hotels
     ​The Government announced today (June 3) two additional designated quarantine hotels for the fourth cycle of the Designated Quarantine Hotel Scheme. Along with the 31 hotels announced on May 20, there will be a total of 33 hotels in the fourth cycle, providing about 9 000 rooms, with the contract period running from June 20 to August 31. 
     The Government may, in response to demand, adjust the number of hotel rooms to be provided in the fourth cycle of the Scheme. Together with the blocked off rooms available at some hotels, the number of rooms that can be provided in the fourth cycle will exceed 11 000.
     A Government spokesman said, "In view of the recent surge in demand for designated quarantine hotels, the Government has decided to further increase the supply of quarantine hotel rooms in the fourth cycle. Apart from liaising with those fourth cycle quarantine hotels announced earlier to release their blocked off rooms for booking, the Government has also secured the addition of two more designated hotels. We trust that these measures will help meet the demand of travellers to Hong Kong. The Government will continue to monitor the situation and decide on further appropriate adjustment and arrangements as necessary.
     "After approaching those suitable hotels that responded to our earlier invitation to join the fourth cycle but were not selected to ascertain their continued interest to join the Scheme, we have secured the addition of two more hotels to the fourth cycle. These two additional hotels will provide a further 500 rooms for booking by travellers to Hong Kong."
     The updated list of designated hotels in the fourth cycle (see Annex) and related details, including room rates, will be uploaded to the thematic webpage at www.designatedhotel.gov.hk.
Ends/Thursday, June 3, 2021
Issued at HKT 17:03
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