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Rates and Government rent due April 30
     Demand notes for rates and/or Government rent for the quarter from April to June 2021 have been issued, and payment should be made by April 30, 2021.

     The demand notes have reflected the rates concession for this quarter, subject to a ceiling of $1,500 and $5,000 for each rateable domestic and non-domestic tenement respectively. Any unused portion of the concession in this quarter will not be used to offset the outstanding rates in any other quarter. The concession does not apply to payment of Government rent.

     These demand notes show the rateable values following the 2021-22 General Revaluation. Members of the public wishing to object to the new rateable value may lodge a proposal in the specified form (R20A) with the Commissioner of Rating and Valuation not later than May 31. Objection can also be made by submitting an electronic form (e-R20A) using the Electronic Submission of Forms service provided on the department's website (www.rvd.gov.hk). Irrespective of whether an objection has been made, rates and/or Government rent must be paid by the last day for payment.

     Payment can be made:

(1) by using autopay or electronic means (such as PPS, bank automated teller machines (ATMs), the Faster Payment System (FPS) or the Internet);

(2) by uploading an e-Cheque/e-Cashier's Order via the Pay e-Cheque portal www.payecheque.gov.hk;

(3) by sending a crossed cheque to the Treasury, PO Box 28000, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong (please note that mail with underpaid postage will be rejected); or

(4) in person at any of the post offices or designated convenience stores. For the addresses and opening hours of post offices, please call Hongkong Post's hotline (2921 2222), or visit www.hongkongpost.hk.

     If demand notes have not been received, members of the public may call 2152 0111, fax 2152 0113, or visit the Rating and Valuation Department, 15/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon.

     Members of the public can also visit the department's website at www.rvd.gov.hk to obtain replacement demand notes or enquire about the amount payable. For instant payment, payers may obtain a payment QR code or an FPS payment code from the Account Enquiries service at the website. Payers may present the payment QR code by using mobile devices (e.g. mobile phone or tablet) at any post office, 7-Eleven, Circle K or VanGo in Hong Kong or use any mobile banking app or e-wallet that supports Government FPS bill payments to scan the FPS payment code for payment.

     A surcharge of 5 per cent will be imposed for late payment and a further surcharge of 10 per cent will be levied on the amount (including the 5 per cent surcharge) that remains unpaid six months after the payment deadline.

     To support environmental protection, payers are advised to utilise the free eRVD Bill service to receive e-bills and make payments. They are also encouraged to settle bills by autopay or other means of e-payment (e.g. PPS, ATM, the Internet or e-Cheque/e-Cashier's Order) in order to save queuing time. Application forms for autopay are obtainable from the Rating and Valuation Department, District Offices and major banks in Hong Kong or by telephoning 2152 0111. Payers may also download the form from the department's website.
Ends/Friday, April 9, 2021
Issued at HKT 11:00
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