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Government takes strict enforcement action on compulsory testing notices in specified "restricted areas"
     The Government found that a number of residents in households of buildings within the specified "restricted areas" did not answer the door when conducting enforcement actions on compulsory testing notices in the specified "restricted areas", but there are reasons to believe that people were inside the units. According to the relevant ordinance and the authorisation from the health authorities, the Government may take legal action including removing individuals or applying to a magistrate for a warrant to break into and forcefully enter a unit. The Government will continue to restrict all persons from entering or leaving the relevant premises as prescribed by law and relevant instruments, and arrange for security guards to be stationed if necessary. The Government will also request bailiffs to assist in cordoning off the relevant premises as appropriate, and will request relevant persons to be responsible for the charges incurred.

     The Government strongly appeals to persons who are in the household units to contact the staff on-site, or to call the Home Affairs Department's hotline (2835 1473) immediately.
Ends/Tuesday, February 2, 2021
Issued at HKT 11:30
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