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Transport Department's latest service arrangements
     To align with the Government's announcement on the latest arrangements for provision of public services, the Transport Department (TD) announced today (January 27) that some of its services will be adjusted with effect from February 1.

Licensing and related services

     The TD will resume the processing of applications for the direct issue of a full Hong Kong driving licence submitted by drop-in box or by post with effect from February 1. However, the Licensing Offices at Admiralty, Cheung Sha Wan, Kwun Tong and Sha Tin will continue to suspend walk-in counter services. The TD will continue to provide counter services for applications submitted by applicants with online appointments and deploy additional manpower to process applications submitted via drop-in boxes, by post, or online. 

     The TD appeals to members of the public in need to use the online appointment services as far as possible. Those who cannot make a prior appointment may submit applications by post or online, or via the drop-in boxes placed at the Licensing Offices from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. To avoid unnecessary delays, the public should submit applications three to four weeks before the expiry dates as far as practicable.

Driving test services

     After having considered the ways of conducting driving tests for different classes of motor vehicles, the TD will first resume the motorcycle driving test, including Part B (competence test) and Part C (road test), from February 1.

     Candidates who have been scheduled to take a motorcycle driving test on or after February 1 should attend the test according to the test date, time and driving test centre specified in the driving test appointment letter. Motorcycle driving test candidates affected by the suspension of the driving test services during the period from December 2, 2020, to January 29, 2021, will be notified individually of their rescheduled test dates.

     Other driving test services (including road tests of private cars, light goods vehicles and commercial vehicles, the written test (Part A) and the taxi written test) and driving test appointment services (including walk-in counter services of the Driving Test Appointment Office, the online booking service for driving test appointments and the telephone booking service for repeater early test appointments) will continue to be suspended until further notice. The TD will notify the affected candidates individually of the rescheduled test dates after the resumption of the relevant driving test services.

     All candidates participating in the motorcycle driving test must wear surgical masks inside the test centres and throughout the test, clean their hands with alcohol sanitiser before entering the centre office, and undergo body temperature screening arranged by the TD. If a candidate does not wear a surgical mask or refuses to undergo body temperature screening, or has a body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, the candidate will not be allowed to enter the test venue and the test will be rescheduled.
     The TD urges candidates not to attend a motorcycle driving test if they are feeling unwell, and advises that they should consult a doctor promptly. Applicants who are absent from a motorcycle driving test on medical grounds may submit their postponement applications with the original sick leave certificate/medical certificate to the Driving Test Appointment Office of the TD within one month from the test date for rescheduling of the test date.

     In addition, candidates who would like to submit applications for test postponement/temporary cancellation of a driving test appointment or change of driving test region can submit the applications within two weeks after resumption of the services of the Driving Test Appointment Office.

Vehicle examination services

     Regarding the vehicle examination services, the TD's Vehicle Examination Centres will continue to provide vehicle examination services for vehicles with an appointment from Monday to Friday. Since the vehicle concerned has to pass the examination before the vehicle licence can be renewed, members of the public should make a vehicle examination appointment as early as possible.
     For enquiries, members of the public can contact the relevant offices at the following numbers:
Hong Kong Licensing Office  2804 2636
Kowloon Licensing Office   2150 7728
Kwun Tong Licensing Office   2775 6835
Sha Tin Licensing Office 2606 1468
Driving Test Appointment Office 2771 7723
To Kwa Wan Vehicle Examination Centre 2364 7211/2333 3112
Sheung Kwai Chung Vehicle Examination Centre 2424 5215
Kowloon Bay Vehicle Examination Centre 2759 7036
New Kowloon Bay Vehicle Examination Centre 2751 8862

Ends/Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Issued at HKT 18:45
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