EMSD urges public to stop using model of Belkin charger (with photos)

     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department today (January 25) urged the public to stop using a model of Belkin charger (model number WIZ003; serial numbers of the affected batches are shown below) and contact the local supplier of the product, Belkin Asia Pacific Limited, for product returns and refunds.
Serial numbers (as shown in the marking of the battery pack of the product)
35B01DO6029400 - 35B01DO6033704
35B01DO5010350 - 35B01DO5014350
35B01DO6016560 - 35B01DO6020560
35B01DO5014500 - 35B01DO5020003
35B01DO6010001 - 35B01DO6010500
35B01DO6010501 - 35B01DO6015500
     According to the supplier of the product, a manufacturing defect was found in the concerned model of power supply unit, which might cause the charger to malfunction and overheat, posing fire and electric shock hazards. The supplier has therefore decided to arrange a recall with full refunds for these batches of the product.
     The model of charger concerned was on sale in Hong Kong from July 2020. Those who have purchased chargers of the aforementioned model number should call the service hotline of the product supplier, at 800 905 388 (Cantonese, with service hours from 9am to 5.30pm) or 800 962 100 (English, with 24-hour service), to confirm whether their chargers are in the affected batches, and arrange product returns and refunds accordingly.

     Belkin Asia Pacific Limited has announced the return details for the affected batches of the product on their website (www.belkin.com/WIZ003ProductRecall) and will contact the affected local customers via email to explain the arrangement of the product recall issue.

Ends/Monday, January 25, 2021
Issued at HKT 12:00