Government enforces compulsory testing notice to achieve compulsory testing on mandatory basis and community clearing

     ‚ÄčThe Sha Tin District Office, together with the Tin Sum Police Station, the Auxiliary Medical Service, the Hong Kong Housing Society (Housing Society) and the related departments will conduct enforcement action on compulsory testing notice at Ming Yan Lau of Jat Min Chuen in Sha Tin today (December 24).

     Starting from 6 am today, residents entering and leaving Ming Yan Lau in Sha Tin must provide the SMS notification through mobile phone or related certification containing the test results of the COVID-19 tests arranged by the Government, to show that they participated in such tests from December 17 to 21, 2020 as required pursuant to the compulsory testing notice issued by the Government earlier on. 

     The Government will also arrange staff, together with the staff of the Housing Society, to visit each household of Ming Yan Lau to check if all the residents have already undergone the test.

     Any person who cannot provide the SMS notification or related certification of the testing result breaches the compulsory testing notice, and is liable to a fixed fine at $5,000, and would receive a compulsory testing order, requiring that person to undergo testing within a specified period. Non-compliance with a compulsory testing order is an offence liable to a fine at $25,000 and to imprisonment for six months. 

     Taking into account the fact that since the Government requires testing through compulsory testing notices, members of the public have generally been compliant, the Government will first issue verbal warnings in the enforcement operation today, and will allow the residents to undergo immediate testing in the mobile testing station near Ming Yan Lau. Before the testing results are available, residents must stay at home to reduce the risk of community infection. 

     The Government appeals to persons who had been present at Ming Yan Lau of Jat Min Chuen for more than two hours at any time during the period specified in the compulsory testing notice (December 1 to 16, 2020) to undergo testing at the mobile testing station as soon as possible, if they have not yet done so. Otherwise, they are liable to a fixed fine if found. 

     The Sha Tin District Office has set up a hotline (telephone: 2158 5388) to assist residents in need.

Ends/Thursday, December 24, 2020
Issued at HKT 5:55