Electors should reply to letters issued by Registration and Electoral Office before specified deadline

     ‚ÄčThe Registration and Electoral Office (REO) appealed today (December 15) to registered electors who receive enquiry or inquiry letters issued by the REO to reply as soon as possible by the specified deadline via post, fax or email in accordance with the letter's instructions, so as to maintain their voter registration status and to vote at the Legislative Council General Election (LCGE) to be held in the third quarter of next year and at subsequent public elections.
     The 2021 Voter Registration (VR) cycle will last until May 2, 2021. To enhance the accuracy and completeness of the particulars of VR, the REO conducts various checking measures in each VR cycle, including sampling checks on registered electors; cross-matching exercises with other government departments on the registered particulars of electors; follow-up inquiries on undelivered poll cards arising from elections; cross-matching of registered residential addresses of electors with the Housing Department, Hong Kong Housing Society and Home Affairs Department; checks on residential addresses with multiple electors or multiple surnames of electors; checks on addresses with incomplete information or suspected non-residential addresses; as well as checks on electors registered at buildings already demolished or vacant buildings to be demolished.

     The REO will issue inquiry letters to electors who are included in the statutory inquiry asking them to confirm or update their registered addresses by the statutory deadline on May 2, 2021. If the REO does not receive a valid reply from an elector under inquiry by the deadline, the name of the elector will be included in the omissions list to be published on or before June 1, 2021. Electors included in the omissions list have to respond to the reminding letter issued by the REO or lodge a claim before the statutory deadline of June 25, 2021. Upon approval by the Revising Officer, they can reinstate their VR status, be included in the final register of electors to be published in July 2021 and be able to vote at the LCGE to be held in the third quarter of next year.

     A prominent message, "Immediate action required. Your voting right is at stake", is printed on the envelopes of all inquiry letters to remind the electors that the letters are important and should be opened and replied to as soon as possible. Electors who have enquiries on the letters received from the REO may call the REO hotline at 2891 1001. Meanwhile, the frequently asked questions on checking measures of VR have also been uploaded to the homepage of the REO (www.reo.gov.hk).

Ends/Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Issued at HKT 14:30