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Security Bureau strongly condemns absconders who openly jump bail
     A spokesman for the Security Bureau issued a statement today (December 4), strongly condemning absconders who openly jumped bail. Absconding to avoid legal responsibilities is a shameful act; the law enforcement agency will spare no effort in pursuing the absconders.

     Any offender who makes up excuses before the court in an attempt to abscond should be punished even harder. Fear of facing trial after breaking the law, running away by jumping bail and using various excuses such as so-called "exile" to avoid one's responsibility is a shameful, hypocritical and cowardly act of recoil. Persons who are wanted for prosecution and who have fled Hong Kong are fugitive offenders. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government will pursue the absconders' legal liabilities in accordance with the law to ensure that offenders will face justice.

     Hong Kong has an independent judicial system. Anyone will receive a fair and just trial. Prosecutions made by the Department of Justice are all based on the act(s) of the persons concerned regardless of their political stance or background.  Anyone who violates the law should be responsible for his or her own behaviour.

     The HKSAR Government strongly condemns anyone, including foreign politicians, who expresses support for such acts of absconding in contempt for the rule of law. These politicians have turned a blind eye to the serious offences which the absconders are suspected to have committed, and have instead attempted to beautify these shameful acts. They only see political dividends in disregard for justice.  

     With regard to reports saying that someone has initiated crowdfunding at end-2019, if the case involves offences such as deception or money laundering, the law enforcement agency will deal with it seriously in accordance with the law.
Ends/Friday, December 4, 2020
Issued at HKT 19:03
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