Regular quotas for Hong Kong cross-boundary non-commercial private cars using HZMB to Macao to be increased

     The Transport Department (TD) announced today (December 3) that the governments of Hong Kong and Macao have agreed to increase the regular quotas for Hong Kong cross-boundary non-commercial private cars using the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) (Hong Kong quotas) to Macao with a view to enhancing traffic flow between Hong Kong and Macao and better utilising HZMB.

     The TD has allocated 800 Hong Kong quotas since the commissioning of HZMB. The TD will increase the Hong Kong quotas by 1 000 according to the arrangement agreed by the governments of Hong Kong and Macao which have taken into account the traffic situation.

     "The additional quota will be distributed in the first quarter of 2021 and the quota holders are expected to be able to travel on HZMB starting from the second quarter of 2021", a TD spokesman said.

     Half of the additional 1 000 quota allocations are for company applicants and half are for individual applicants. As with the existing Hong Kong quotas, the additional quota allocations are valid for three years. The eligibility criteria remain the same. The company quota is open to companies registered in both Hong Kong and Macao, or companies registered in Hong Kong and associated with another company registered in Macao. The quota for individuals is open to Hong Kong permanent residents employed with remuneration in Macao or who have established a registered company in Macao. Private cars allocated under the Hong Kong quotas will be permitted to access the city of Macao multiple times via HZMB. The Hong Kong quota allotments will be re-allocated upon expiry through open application so that more people will benefit. The application criteria and licensing requirements for the Hong Kong quotas are in the Annex.

     Eligible parties may apply for the Hong Kong quotas to the TD in person or by agent through drop-in box, by Internet or by post starting from December 21, 2020 (Monday). The submission period will close at 5.15pm on January 11, 2021 (Monday). For application procedures and details, please visit the TD's website ( or call 2804 2600.

     Separately, the governments of Hong Kong and Macao have also agreed to increase the quotas for Macao cross-boundary non-commercial private cars using HZMB (Macao quotas). The additional Macao quota allotments are valid for three years and allocated by the Macao Government. Eligible Macao private car owners may apply to the Macao Government for allocation under the Macao quotas. Please refer to the website of the Macao Transport Bureau ( for details.

Ends/Thursday, December 3, 2020
Issued at HKT 11:41