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Traffic mostly smooth as first phase of face-to-face class resumption commences
     Traffic conditions were mostly smooth and public transport services were generally adequate to meet demand this morning as the first phase of face-to-face class resumption commenced today (September 23), the Transport Department (TD) said.
     The TD's Emergency Transport Co-ordination Centre (ETCC) has been closely monitoring the traffic situation and public transport services. Staff were deployed to monitor the traffic and transport situation on-site at various major public transport interchanges and school areas. They provided updated information to the ETCC for arranging public transport service enhancement or informing the Police for traffic regulation when necessary.
     Students are reminded to familiarise themselves with the public transport routes to be taken to school as soon as possible to determine the most suitable travel patterns.
     The TD will continue to closely monitor the traffic situation as second phase of face-to-face classes will resume on September 29. Secondary Two to Four and Primary Two to Four as well as Kindergarten One and Two students will return schools for classes. Close liaison with major public transport operators and relevant government departments will also be maintained.
     Students are reminded to allow more time for travel and pay attention to road safety. Those living on the outlying islands or attending schools on the outlying islands are advised to check in advance the ferry schedules, the vessel types to be used and journey times on their intended ferry trips. Meanwhile, in view of possible congestion in school areas, motorists should avoid driving to these areas.
     Drivers of nanny vans and school buses are also reminded to drive carefully, especially on steep roads, in narrow lanes or at locations where driving in reverse is necessary. Overloading is prohibited and they are not allowed to leave students unattended in the vehicles. An escort should be provided on board when serving kindergarten or primary school students.
     The road traffic, especially on major trunk roads and in some cross-harbour tunnels, is likely to become busier as compared with the situation before the resumption of face-to-face classes. Passenger demand for public transport services will also increase. Motorists and commuters are advised to allow more time for their trips during the morning peak hours.
     Members of the public should pay attention to the latest transport and traffic news on radio and television before leaving home. They can also obtain the latest special traffic and transport arrangements through the TD’s mobile application "HKeMobility".
Ends/Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Issued at HKT 9:55
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